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Moroleon, Guanajuato Mexico safe?

I have been seeing a lot of new about the violence and drug wars in Mexico but some people say that not all the states or places in Mexico are not safe. Has anyone been to Guanajuato recently and what did you guys think about it???

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    No one can tell you if you are going to be safe anywhere, but you are wise to try to find out how high your personal risk levels are (and prepare ways to lower it).

    Crime in Mexico is NOT limited to border areas where drug smugglers and non-documented Mexicans are attempting to cross. Guanajuato is a state in Central Mexico, well away from international borders, but lies directly along a known drug trafficking rout.

    Also, its entirely possible for an American to be victimized by the police. Here is a video of an American traveling into Mexico. He is stopped by police and was asked to pay them money.

    Guanajuato is normally one of the safest cities in Mexico, about as safe as similar sized cities in the US. Most crime incidents are not in areas you are likely to visit anyway. Drugs and gangs are usually behind most crime in Mexican cities, same as the US. Anyone can become a victim of crime, it’s just a lot less likely if you are law-abiding . . . not part of gangs, drug cartels, or law enforcement.

    Guanajuato does have certain neighborhoods that you should avoid at night - El Carrizo, El Cerro de Leones; El Cerro de Cuarto, and El Cerro del Encino. These neighborhoods are NOT in the Guanajuato historic center or in areas that you are likely to visit.

    Be aware of current UP-TO-Date local events. You sound as though you know about the February 15, 2011 ICE agents shooting. Gunmen fired at two Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents traveling on a CENTRAL Mexico highway. Jaime Zapata was killed and Victor Avila was wounded.

    Have you read the travel advisory for CENTRAL Mexican cities issued by the U.S. Consulate in Monterrey, Mexico following the shooting?

    "American citizens residing in, visiting, or traveling through the geographic area bordered by, and including, the central Mexican cities of San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, Leon, Guanajuato, Dolores Hidalgo and San Miguel de Allende should maintain a heightened sense of alert while the Mexican government investigation into this incident continues. Americans in this area should monitor local news and information to stay informed about situations that could affect their security."

    Understand that many locals now have a higher than usual sense if alertness. You will be treated kindly by locals providing they do not perceive you as a threat.

    Use common sense:

    No flaunting drugs

    No flaunting weapons

    No flaunting drunken behavior

    Avoid wearing flashy clothes or jewelry

    Normal prudent care of your belongings is always advised –same as any city

    Do not wave cash or credit cards around. Use them discreetly and put them away quickly

    Stay informed of local events

    Here is a summary of local common knowledge:

    Major drug syndicates control the majority of drug trafficking throughout the country such as:

    - marijuana cultivation and distribution - largest foreign supplier of marijuana to the US

    - methamphetamine production and distribution - largest foreign supplier of methamphetamine to the US

    - opium poppy cultivation and distribution - major supplier of heroin to the US

    - ecstasy production and distribution

    - primary transshipment country for US-bound cocaine - 90% of S American to US cocaine has a stop in Mexico

    - significant money-laundering centers throughout the country

    You can read about past crime statistics:

    The information may or may not be accurate - the government fails to provide critical law enforcement data and many incidents go unreported.

    Mexicans in other areas of Mexico may have a pretty good idea of crime levels in their own city, but their opinions of other parts of their country will vary from person to person. Ask 10 Mexican residents from different areas of Mexico what they ‘KNOW” about Guanajuato and you will not always hear the same response. Unless they themselves have had experience there, it is just their opinion based on what they HEARD which may or may not represent up-to-date events.

    Here's a link reporting official statistics on crime in Mexico.

    Here's a link on Major drug syndicate control in Mexico.

    finish your ‘homework’ and enjoy your trip – be safe

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    Moroleon, Guanajuato Mexico safe?

    I have been seeing a lot of new about the violence and drug wars in Mexico but some people say that not all the states or places in Mexico are not safe. Has anyone been to Guanajuato recently and what did you guys think about it???

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    Is Guanajuato Safe

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    I travel to Guanajuato and have business partners there. The guy with the really long post is rated as the best answer, no experience in Guanajuato! Guanajuato is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet! It rivals anything in italy or europe. The people are polite and very nice. But just like any city i am sure there are seedy elements (which i have never experienced). I am traveling there again in a few days. Like another poster said, dont be flashy (jewelry, cash, credit cards, etc), this same logic applies to anywhere you travel.

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    Most drug violence is on the border area and some on west coast. the great majority of Mexico is safe. i live in southern Mexico and have heard of no problems in Guanajuato. If you are planning to go there, I presume you know people ASK them, they will be your best source of info. However, if you avoid border areas, and have nothing to do with drug dealers, you will be just fine.

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    well guanjuato is safe, I live in the south of mexico and we don't have here the problems that they have.

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