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why do houses cost so much?

all it is is a bunch of two by fours making the frame of the house then they put up the board to board the house together. then all they do is put insulation in and the pipes.

and why exactly do houses cost $600,000?

you humans have been accustomed to this price range so you see it as normal when in fact ur paying for a card board box silly earthlings

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  • Jim S
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    Actually, I don't think you're an alien at all. I think you're either young or inexperienced, or both. Before you build a house you have to have land on which to put it. You can buy the land buy the lot or acre. Next you have to have utilities such as water, electricity, gas, and sewer services of one type or another. That costs money to install. Now you have to have a plan on which to build so you know where to put the foundation, what shape it should be, where the primary utilities need to go, etc. After the primary utilities and the foundation, you need to get the framing materials. This can be wood, cement block, or even clay and straw. once the framing is done and all the rooms are laid out you begin installing the windows and doors, the rough electric and plumbing, as well as the ducting for heating and cooling and any exhaust vents and special appliances you would like later. The roof and any trim is then installed. Insulation then goes in the walls and attic and then the interior of the walls can be closed and finished. The exterior of the home should be finished by this point. Cabinets, appliances, trim, plumbing fixtures, and flooring are now installed. Between almost every one of these steps an inspection is required to be sure the work being done is compliant with safety codes. After all of this, a final inspection and issuance of a certificate of occupancy is performed. Then the house is ready for someone to move in. The cost of all of these steps is related to where the house is located. It's more expensive to do some things in cities than in small towns. Where there is little available land, lots are more expensive than where there is an abundance. The quality of the finishing of the home may require artisans or specialty trades that will also increase the price. So there you have it. Unless you want to live in a tent in the wilderness, that's the price you pay for shelter, convenience, security, and value. Remember, shelter is one of the basic needs no matter where you live, on earth or elsewhere.

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    From one alien to another.

    I went to a store and priced a board and they wanted $6.00 to $15.00 a board. I left the board there. Got a used one for free.

    In my orbiting around earth I can see houses all sizes. And different kinds of neighborhoods and all sizes of towns.

    Now, take the neighborhood where the rich live. $600.00 to $2,000,000 for two story houses. It took a lot of boards, cement, marble, tile, carpet, solid wood doors, which 1 door costs hundreds, and light fixtures to build the house. All those rooms for about 4 people. Then there is a pool, tennis court, patio, which took a lot of boards and cement. The prices keep the poor and their old clunker cars that leak oil on the driveways and street out of the neighborhood.

    You take the $600,000 house to a small town or a middle class neighborhood and it will cost around $300,000. Take it way out in the country and it will cost less.

    Then there are the cheaper houses. Cheaper boards are used and hollow doors made out of man made stuff are put in the house.

    Then the real poor have houses on wheels. Trailer houses. Made out of man made boards.

    Source(s): That's the way it goes. The wheels were taken out from under our house because the county wants us to pay taxes.
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    i agree that houses cost alot but if you call us earthlings are you an alien? Anyway it's more the supply and demand of the land the house is built on, not the actual house.And its location relative to shops, schools, parks etc. And usually it is easier to buy one already made, than go through waiting to have one made and renting (usually while this happens)

    Source(s): my knowledge of very basic economics
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    There is an old estate agents saying..location, location, location

    you are only paying a tiny amount for the building, mostly you are paying for the land it sits on and the lifestyle you can expect if you live there....the same property somewhere else would be a totally different price.

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  • Anonymous
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    house is necessary for everybody so people put down any cost for the house so it is costly.

  • Anonymous
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