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What has Archeology taught us about the city of Pompeii?

Just doing a bit of homework for school and the question is "what have we learned from archeology about your site?"

thanks for the help!

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    Pompeii was an advanced city and con-tray to reports it was a sin city and that was the reason it was destroyed ,well to be truthful virtually the whole of Italy was the same. It also showed us their living conditions.There standards compared with other western countries was quite high and personal hygiene was heavily practiced.As for washing there clothes which was mainly white and stained quickly with wine and tomato stains,there urine was collected in wooden buckets each morning and brought to holding tanks where the white clothing was washed in it.The acid in the urine removed the stains and then it was rinsed in fresh water. The british produced a series called Pompeii.very interesting also i was in Italy last year

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