Do you pay your bills through the mail or online? Which is more likely to result in potential identify theft?

What can you do to lessen the possibility that someone will steal your identifying information? Offer three suggestions.

What are some clues that an email may be phishing?

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    I pay my bills online. It saves a stamp and all the bill pay websites are encrypted to help against identity theft. Both online and mail theft do result in Identity theft however in my opinion, mail theft is an easier way because anyone can do it. They just have to open your mailbox and take a few letters. ID thieves online have to be a little more cunning (or their victim has to be very unaware). You should always look for the secure website part, it has an S when it is encrypted. HTTP:// versus httpS://

    The suggestions for preventing Identity theft are super common, change your passwords often. Don't use the same password for everything. Keep your SS card in a safe location not in your wallet/purse. Look through your bills and actually read your bank statement. Read your credit reports - is the only one that does not charge a fee. You could consider using an ID theft protection company like lifelock but I strongly suggest using SHIELD (bought through prepaid legal services) as you get both a lawyer and ID theft protection for the same cost.

    Phishing emails can be deceiving to even the best of minds. But a few common sense things can keep you safe - I got an email saying my online chase account needs updating. This email account has no registered chase account. Obvious phishing. I have my paypal account linked to a different email address as well so those emails are phishing.

    Another thing is to read them. Often the phishing emails have misspellings. Take a look at the "from" field - why does it say if it is supposed to be from Chase bank? All legit emails from Chase would be or similar. If it still looks legit, scroll your mouse over the blue link "To update account" (do not click) and at the bottom left of your screen it will display the website you would travel to if you do click. Why does chase bank's email send you to somewhere weird instead of phishing.

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