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Washington DC/Baltimore: Help!?

So, during spring break, I was planning on spending a night or two in either Washington DC or Baltimore. We plan to wake up early and see the Holocaust museum in DC, as well as check out Johns Hopkins Medical school. We also want to explore Baltimore and eat dinner there. My question is, would it be better to stay in Baltimore and drive or stay in Washington DC and take the metro around? Any information is greatly appreciated. Also, if you know of any nice hotels in either city, please list them as well. I live in South Jersey, so I am very unfamiliar with the area. If you know of any cool places to visit or restaurants with good food, let me know! Thnx!

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    Spring break is a pretty busy time, tourist-wise, in DC. If you want to see the Holocaust Museum you should be aware that it usually takes about 2 to 3 hours to go thru the main exhibit area (for most visitors). You will need a timed-entry pass, these are given out free at the museum daily. If your plans are tight and you have to be in&out at certain times I recommend getting the passes ahead of time so you get the entry time you prefer. Going thru the ticketing company means you pay a service fee for the tickets, tho. The museum occasionally runs out of free daily passes during very busy days.

    Getting up early is one thing but the museum doesn't open til 10 AM. Then 2, 3 or 4 hours there and it's already afternoon. Diving to Baltimore, getting to your location & parking is easily another 60 to 90 minutes so I'm estimating Baltimore will begin at about 2pm or 3pm at the earliest. Doing Baltimore & DC in the same day is really pressing it, esp if you have time constraints. The closest hotel to the Holocaust Museum is Holiday Inn Capitol (about 10 blocks but easy 15 min walk)

    It sounds like your Baltimore plans are nearly a day-long activity. If time permits there is the Walters Art Museum (free except for special exhibits) Not trying to discourage anything, just giving you the facts I know as a life-long DC/Baltimore tourist myself. Also I volunteer at the Smithsonian. Whatever you decide I'm sure you'll make the most of your time & enjoy your visit.

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    If you are planning on attending John Hopkins, I would recommend staying in Baltimore at least one night to check out the city. I went to College there and I think there is a lot to do there. I live in NY and still travel back there to visit friends. The Seaport is very nice, with some shopping and its nice to walk around, or take a paddle boat ride. The aquarium is also nice. Fells Point area has some cool local bars and restaurants. Same with the Canton area and Federal hill area. If baseball season has started you can catch a game at Camden Yards. I would stay in Baltimore at the Seaport, I prefer the Marriott.

    Definitely more to do touristy wise in D.C. with the Capital area and Mall. The Zoo there is really nice too. You could spend 2 whole days just in D.C.

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    I'd have to agree that Washington is a much more pleasant and interesting city than Baltimore--the Smithsonians alone will suck up several days of your time. Though downtown Baltimore has a few winning attractions ultimately it's not worth the trouble.

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    Whatever you do don't go to baltimore its a waste of time there's nothing to do there besides fish and crabs

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