Are there any volunteering programs similar to International Student Volunteers (ISV)?

I found a program I would love to volunteer with, but it is veryyyyy expensive. For 5 weeks it would cost around $5,000. The resason I really like ISV though is because its not just volunteering. For the first week you are living with a host family for a spanish emersion program. Then you volunteer for 2 weeks which i wanted to do somthing with the children in the community. Then for the last 2 weeks you go on an adventure tour which is what makes this different than any other program i have heard of. I would travel all around the Dominican Republic-- which is where i wanted to go with ISV-- and they have tons of fun activities planned like horseback riding, white water rafting, hiking, canyoning, swimming in the ocean, and so many other awesome things. If anyone knows any program that is remotely similar that would be awesome. Thanks!!

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    10 years ago
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    go to, they have lots of options there for you ;)

    not spam :P

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    4 years ago

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