Are there any volunteer programs similar to International Student Volunteers (ISV)?

I found a program I would love to volunteer with, but it is veryyyyy expensive. For 5 weeks it would cost around $5,000. The resason I really like ISV though is because its not just volunteering. For the first week you are living with a host family for a spanish emersion program. Then you volunteer for 2 weeks which i wanted to do somthing with the children in the community. Then for the last 2 weeks you go on an adventure tour which is what makes this different than any other program i have heard of. I would travel all around the Dominican Republic-- which is where i wanted to go with ISV-- and they have tons of fun activities planned like horseback riding, white water rafting, hiking, canyoning, swimming in the ocean, and so many other awesome things. If anyone knows any program that is remotely similar that would be awesome. Thanks!!

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    There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of these organizations. Here are directories of short-term volunteering organizations, online and in print, that can help you identify credible programs:

    * International Volunteerism Resource Center (IVRC) has both advice and links to programs.

    * There is a listing of the more-than-30 member organizations of the International Volunteers Program Association (IVPA) that is a good place to find reputable volunteer-for-a-fee programs.

    * For people in the United Kingdom, there's the Year Out Group, an association of gap-year-abroad organizations that meet certain standards in order to be a member. The Year Out Group does not however organize or arrange year out programs, but it's a good place to find reputable programs.

    * There is this web page of a massive number of links to organizations that place volunteers internationally; this is a mixture of organizations that do and don't charge volunteers for placements.

    * The Learning Abroad Center Work, Intern, Volunteer (WIV) Database, hosted by the University of Minnesota, allows you to search work, internship and volunteering opportunities all over the globe. There are more than 500 programs to choose from, and you can search by keyword, region, type of program, etc.

    * The Complete Guide to Finding a Job Overseas, from Transitions Abroad Publishing.

    * Lonely Planet published the book Volunteer: A Traveler's Guide to Making a Difference Around the World. It lists and reviews more than 190 organizations that provide short-term volunteer-abroad experiences.

    And you can find the links to all these sites here:

    Funding Your Volunteering Abroad Trip

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    Isv Volunteer

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    the programs which charge $ 5,000 normally offer a lot for the volunteer, and sometimes this is good but there are also much cheaper and affordable programs which go for about $ 1100. They offer the same services but in a limited capacity. Checkout for quality and affordable programs

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