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why do Scandinavians/Nordics and their descendants tend to be liberal?

Nordic countries like Norway,Sweden, and Finland are mainly liberal countires and many areas with with many Nordic descent populations are liberal as well such as Wisconsin,and the Pacific North West. so why is this?

Since its founding, Wisconsin has been ethnically heterogeneous. Following the period of French fur traders, the next wave of settlers were miners, many of whom were Cornish, who settled the southwestern area of the state. The next wave was dominated by "Yankees," migrants from New England and upstate New York; in the early years of statehood, they dominated the state's heavy industry, finance, politics and education. Between 1850 and 1900, large numbers of European immigrants followed them, including Germans, Scandinavians (the largest group being Norwegian), and smaller groups of Belgians, Dutch, Swiss, Finns, Irish, Poles, and others.

The Pacific North West: The urban core in addition to certain rural districts known for supporting liberal political views, perceived as controversial in much of the rest of North America. Many jurisdictions have relatively liberal abortion laws, gender equality laws, legalized medical marijuana, and are supportive of LGBT rights, especially British Columbia, where gay marriage is legal, and Washington and Oregon, where same-sex civil unions are legal. Due to the urban core's size and voting impact, their counties and states as a whole have generally followed their leads (often to the disgruntlement of the more conservative rural areas). Oregon was the first U.S. state to legalize physician-assisted suicide, with the Death with Dignity Act of 1994. Washington State was the second when I-1000 passed in 2008. Colegio Cesar Chavez, the first fully accredited Hispanic college in the U.S., was founded in Mount Angel, Oregon in 1973. King County, Washington, of which Seattle is a part, rebranded itself in honor of Martin Luther King.

These areas, especially around Puget Sound, have a long history of political radicalism. The radical labor organizers called Wobblies were particularly strong there in the mines, lumber camps and shipyards. A number of anarchist communes sprung up there in the early 20th century (see Charles Pierce LeWarne's Utopias on Puget Sound, 1885-1915 for an excellent overview of this popular yet forgotten movement). Together with Winnipeg, Manitoba, Seattle is one of two major cities in North America in which the populace engaged in a general strike and was the first major American city to elect a woman mayor, Bertha Landes.[23] Socialist beliefs were once widespread (thanks in large part to the area's large numbers of Scandinavian immigrants) and the region has had a number of Socialist elected officials: so great was its influence that the U.S. Postmaster General, James Farley, jokingly toasted the "forty-seven states of the Union, and the Soviet of Washington", at a gala dinner in 1936.[24]

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    I think many immigrants settled in areas that were reminiscent of their homelands. Aside from that, I have no idea (and my husband is sleeping or else he would most definitely know that answer.)

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    Partly because of their religion, I guess. Nordics aren't very religious anymore, because there aren't many (if any) obligations in Lutheranism. Also you hear only the best parts of it, such as "Behave toward others as you would like to have them behave toward you" etc. Most people think that religion encourages to be tolerant. Even if you don't believe in this stuff, it has good morals. (Most people tend to ignore the conservative parts.)

    Education may has something to do with it, too.

    There are small populations in Nordic countries, so they pull together. It's just their culture.

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    Not at all. Scandinavian countries simply mimic those of other European nations. Not to mention, there are many regions in the nation that have Nordic descent. The areas of America you mentioned tend to be on a financially higher rung and that's usually where liberal ideals start.

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    are you out of your mind?

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