Where did Crohn's Disease originate from?

Please, I need the country it was first discovered from and the country that has the highest population for a biology project. Also, it you can found it, the percent of the the world that currently has this disease. Another thing is the source you found it from; Thanks for helping.

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    The original paper in which Crohn's disease (CD) was described was written by Burrill Bernard Crohn along with Leon Ginzburg, and Gordon D. Oppenheimer, published in JAMA in 1932. In this sense, it was "discovered" in America. However, there are some who contend that publication is predated by that of Polish surgeon Antoni Leśniowski (Leśniowski-Crohn's disease) in 1904. There are also two papers that predate that of Crohn's 1932 publication (most notably that of TK Dalziel in 1913, "Chronic interstitial enteritis," published in Br J Med) in which Dalziel suggests it may have been found as early as 1901, in either Ireland or Scotland (my memory fails me).

    There are some papers that speculate some cases in the 1800s- signs and symptoms that match those of Crohn's disease, but cannot clearly be identified as such- and perhaps earlier than that (based on "forensic" diagnostic work of people that died long ago). But, in short, the name Crohn's disease comes from the 1932 publication; the authors were all at the Mt. Sinai Hospital, and described a total of 14 cases. Note that Crohn himself never used the name "Crohn's disease" in any of his publications, using "regional ileitis" instead. Also note that Crohn never really wanted the disease to be named after himself; he was simply first author alphabetically; I seem to recall that one of the surgeons who worked on the disorder was going to be named as an author, but he declined. I think his name was Brown or something like that- it would have been named Brown's disease (or whatever his name was- it began with a B), as authors were named alphabetically back then.

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    It was officially named in the US after Dr.Crohn and the highest population diagnosed with Crohn's disease is most likely the US population.

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