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Help finding this movie!!!?

Hey guys. I watched this movie on demand around a year ago. it was 'something' 101. I thought it was murder 101 but I don't think so.

Basically it had this guy who took another man on as a serial killer apprentice. He taught him how to kill and gave him a series of tips before letting him make his first kill. I don't want to give too much of the movie away since some of you may have not seen it, but I really want to watch it.

EDIT: it is NOT Serial Killing 101


I don't believe it had Nicholas Cage in it.

Update 2:

Not Mr. Brooks, although a good guess I suppose. To go into a bit more detail, it's kind of a dark comedy. Like the take the killing very lightly and it's very ironic.

Update 3:

OKAY. I just realized I got it mixed up with something else. There was another movie: sex and death 101 and that was where I was getting the 101. damn. Now it'll be even harder to find the movie I want.

Update 4:

Mitchell is right. Thanks a lot!

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