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WHere can I cash a student grant check at 9 pm?

Wells fargo issued FASFA 1,000$ check. It's my leftover grant money. Anyways by the time I pick it up it will be around 9. So I will check back on the answers, I plan to try walmart.

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    Walmart customer service desk, or the "money center" in the store, if your store has one. This is common in "ghetto walmarts" like mine. In mine they advertise check cashing of government and payroll checks for $4 for up to $1000.00, then $6.00 for over $1000.00.

    If your walmart doesn't cash checks, most grocery stores will cash them, albeit at a higher fee.

    Whatever you do, do NOT go to a check cashing place like Ace Cash Express or Check N Go. They will charge you probably $200.00 to cash that check.

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