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Luke Wilson? Val Kilmer? Michael Douglas? Sam Elliot?

what do you think of these actors?

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    Luke Wilson: Funny but only can play certain roles like Old School.

    Val Kilmer: Been a while since I've seen him in anything good. In his prime he was a good not great actor. Deja Vu and Mindhunters would be two of the last movies he was good in.

    Michael Douglas: A great actor. Can play different roles but is best in thrillers like The Game or Disclosure. He can be a pretty good baddy too like Wall Street but his talent runs the gamut. He was great in Falling Down and Wonderboys which were very different roles that not everyone could pull off.

    Sam Elliot: He's good but I really like him when he's playing the grisly old man like in Roadhouse or Tombstone.

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