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Why did George H W Bush send 25,000 US troops to Somalia in December of 1992?

Why were they sent there and what was his exit strategy?


Of course a lot of Republicans were upset when he sent a mission after Al Quaeda Leaders in Somalia. Those same Republicans held a press conference in 1998 denouncing Clinton's launching of cruise missiles at Bin Laden. Sadly these members of the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services committees held this press conference immediately following their courtesy briefing of the planned attack. This gave Bin laden the warnign he needed to get out of there just 20 minutes before the cruise missiles hit. How different the world would be if the Republicans were not such treasonous scoundrels.

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    So that Clinton could start out his term with a major bungle, that was pretty slick of Bush the smarter.

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    George Hw Bush Somalia

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    I was there from 1993-Feb 2, 1994 while in the Navy. We was primarily there to give medical aid and we had control over the airport. Wish we was allowed to finish our job but Bill Clinton pulled us out before our goal was achieved. Let me add some people there didn't want us there and threw rocks at our ships but the vast majority respected our help with medical aid.

    Here is some more information for you about my visit to Somalia.

    1993: Denver departed on the 14th deployment to the Western Pacific and was diverted one month into the cruise to the coast of Somalia in support of operation RESTORE HOPE. Denver mostly remained at anchor to conserve fuel during the 4 month stay. The Commander in Chief, President Bill Clinton, also made a phone call to wish the crew, "Happy Holidays," and to say the American people were very supportive of their efforts. The Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Kelso, and the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Munday, also visited Denver while deployed. Denver received some USO entertainment, when J.B. Walker and the Cheap Whiskey band came aboard and played for the crew off of Somalia.

    Source(s): RMSN Carpenter.
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    To help the UN distribute food

    It was a UN mission.

    But then after Clinton was elected

    Clinton decided there were to many US forces in somolia and it needed more forces from other countries.

    So Clinton withdrew 90% of the US forces, before trying to get Nato and other Un nations to agree to provide forces.

    2. Clinton also changed it from a hummanitarian mission, to a combat mission to go after the clan leaders.

    Clinton then denied the commanders on the ground, the requested equipment to carry out the new mission ( mainly heavy armor )

    because he didn't want to upset the rest of the world.

    3. Then when things went to hell and a hand basket, because there were not enough forces to keep orders, with 90% of the US forces gone and NO new UN forces to replace them

    The US did not have the ability or equipment to go rescue our own forces trapped in the city.

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    i'm an Obama supporter and those are my ideas: i admire Ron Paul even although i don't inevitably trust Libertarianism and the 1st one to attempt it is going to probable see severe aftereffects and the assumption will bypass down in flames. i'm thirty years previous and this may be the 1st election I vote in. I extremely have continuously felt that there is a 2 occasion phantasm in this united states of america and the wealthy positioned who they want in place of work. It extremely scares me that Obama have been given as far as he has and yet, he seems so actual. How did he ruin with the aid of the duality? Ron Paul could have been a much extra useful opponent for Obama and might have made him sweat slightly. i don't understand how McCain is so intense in the polls while Bush replaced into so low. i assume people often are stupid and it is the comparable people who voted for Bush 2 situations! Republicans understand in the event that they vote for Ron Paul it is going to likely be a wasted vote, it is why Independents don't get many votes. they're afraid in the event that they strengthen some balls and vote for him, that the worser of the assumed 2 evils gets the white domicile. till we are in a position to persuade extra people to vote self reliant and stay faraway from the events, this duality will proceed.

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    Because of the attack on a U.S. Ship in Yemen. That is how the Bush's roll. The exit strategy was the same as Iraq. Let the next President do that.

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    because the government had collapsed

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    To look for oil!

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