How much snow does San Jose get?

Me and my g/f currently live in San Diego and will be driving up north to San Jose. We wanted to know how much snow San Jose has been getting this winter cause we'd like to do some skiing or snowboarding. I have a 4wd SUV so I don't think I'll need chains, but what would you recommend? We'll be heading there this weekend!

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    In any given year San Jose has one chance in 10 of getting a very light dusting on the valley floor once. And that dusting will likely last about 15 minutes before melting.

    The only time in my life that the snow most of an entire day was when I was six. I'm 53. Snow has *never* lasted 24 hours here. This is the wrong place to look for snow. If you want skiing or snowboarding, then go to Big Bear or Tahoe.

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    If you want ski or snowboard, the right place for you is the Lake Tahoe area. San Jose doesn't have any ski resorts. On VERY RARE occasions it snows, even those times it usually isn't more than 2 inches.

    Source(s): born, raised & live in San Jose
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    It *might* snow tomorrow, if the weather report is right. If that's true, then it'll be the first time it's snowed here since the early 80s.

    So, uh, not much :)

    But living here is a good compromise because you're close enough to the mountains that you can go skiing and snowboarding when you want, but it's still a big city.

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    There is actually no real snow here but they said this Saturday there might be a chance for snow. I don't think you will be needing chains though. If you don't get a chance to see snow there,you can also visit the Santa Cruz Mountains or Mt.Hamilton which isn't very far away from there. Check for more info.

    Source(s): and my experience.
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    I wouldn't plan on skiing... Though the bay area is expecting snow this saturday!

    It hasnt snowed since 1976 :(

  • Go to Reno, Lake Tahoe, but not Sn Jose for winter sports.

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    none it has never snow here in my life time

    however we do get rain

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    none. i'm wearing flipflops today.

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