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Is the U.K. punishing the child for parents sins us-born-nurse-sacked-after-working-in-britain-for-40-years?

A NURSE who has lived in Britain since age two could be deported after nearly 40 years with the NHS – for being an illegal ­immigrant.

Cindy Sanford, now 52, was born in America but her English mum Vina, 74, never registered her as British.

She has cared for elderly and disabled patients since she was 14 and paid taxes for decades, but was sacked last week when she could not provide work documents.

Cindy, from Braintree, Essex, has also lost her flat and asked her MP to help. She said: “I’m terrified.”

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    She's still an illegal immigrant.

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    If her mom Vina was English not by decent, then Cindy is also British. I have a news flash for you. A parent does not have to register the child's birth if born abroad. They can apply straight away for a British passport. The passport is proof in an unto itself of British citizenship.

    I would be curious what passport Cindy used all these years. It is a very say, and confusing story.

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    By the letter of the law she is illegal in the U.K. but sh can ask for assistance to clear it up however as is bad is it is there good luck.

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