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Road Bike - wheel set and tyres suggestions?

Hi all,

I want to buy a friend some road tyres and wheels for her MTB (size 15.5). My friend plans to do more road cycling and it's her birthday soon so I was going to surprise her. Any recommendations?

A nice value for money set of wheels and a decent pair of slicks recommendation would be great. Are wheels more important than tyres or the other way around. Or are they equally important?

Her MTB has v-brakes, not discs in case that makes a big difference.

Thanks in advance!


definitely only road cycling with these new wheels and tyres. She's got mountain bike tyres and wheels (and suspension) for all that other stuff... I was thinking something thin, light-weight with a nice set of slicks as I can't see her riding in the wet.

Any brands I should be looking for? My budget is dependant on the quality of the product vs the reviews it's received. I have no issue shelling out for kit that is great quality and has rav reviews.. Cheers

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    If you can, look at her tires now. There will be numbers on the sidewall. They will start with either 26X (most likely) or 700x. The x will be followed by another number. If the numbers start with 26, buy her a set of 26x1.5 tires. Make sure they have a max pressure at least 80 psi. I once bought a set with a 60 psi max just because they were on sale and I didn't like the way they rode. If the numbers start with 700, then buy her a set of Mavic Aksium wheels and Continental Ultra Gatorskin 700x25 tires. I had that combination on my road bike and rode thousands of trouble-free miles on it.

    You must stay with the wheel size that's currently on the bike (the 26 vs the 700). It's theoretically possible to change but the amount of work and new parts you'd need would likely cost more than her bike is worth.


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    There are a couple of issues for riding mountain bikes on the road with road tires. First, consider gearing. Mountain bikes are geared for riding at relatively slow speeds off road. They have great low gearing, but they don't need the high gear ratios that road bikes have. Therefore, on the road a rider will "spin out" at a much lower speed than they would on a road bike. Next, when they switch to road tires, many people buy as narrow a tire as they can find. One side effect of a narrower tire is that it also has a smaller diameter which further lowers overall gearing. Many people believe that narrower tires have less road friction. It turns out that in the real world narrower tires can actually have more road friction. I would suggest that if the tires on your friends bike are say, 26 x 2.00 that you buy a tire no narrower than 26 x 1.75 so that the diameter of the wheel is not reduced too much. Because 26" mountain bike wheels are smaller in diameter than the 700c wheels on road bikes, they don't roll as smoothly over bumps in the road, so if you buy really narrow slicks that require high tire pressure, the ride can be punishing, even if you don't lock out the suspension for riding on the road

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    You can probably go to a 700 road bike set if the bike has 700s or 26s on it now. It will make a real difference compared to the weight and rolling resistance Of a 2.25 or 2,30 off road tire. If it has shocks maybe swap them out for a good light fork at the same time. If shes not using the gears now why not get a single speed hub and save yourself a few bucks and lighten the bike considerably. If not you will need the derailleur and shifter that matches your wheel. .

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    You have the issues right... money. The other one is IF she will ride in the mountains or not. If not you could convert to a much lighter wheel set with the smooth road type tires. The lighter weight rims may be a very bad choice if she decides to ride in the rougher terrain.

    So let the riding terrain determine, in combination with the cost, your options. Definitely convert to the smoother road type tire. Then look at the width of the tire IF she will not ride in the mountains. If there is no heavy off road riding in her future look at the cost of lighter rims. Then, lastly, her next bike should be a hybrid bike. The lighter frame and road gearing will make a big difference to her enjoyment if road rides.


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    I used standard wheels with mine, but replaced the tyres with Nokian Roadrunners. They made a big difference, as they are quite light and have an unbroken strip around the tread, making them much smoother. I dont think they make them anymore, but there must be similar ones available.

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    All you need is new tires, get a set of 26 X 1.5 road tires.


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    go with reynolds

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