the bad; KJV, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. ; the good; CV?

Chapter 11

1 Now faith is an assumption of what is being expected, a conviction concerning matters which are not being observed;

2 for in this the elders were testified to.

3 By faith we are apprehending the eons to adjust to a declaration of God, so that what is being observed has not come out of what is appearing.

4 By faith Abel offers to God more of a sacrifice than Cain, through which he was testified to that he is just at God's testifying to his approach presents, and through it, dying, he is still speaking.

5 By faith Enoch was transferred, so as not to be acquainted with death, and was not found, because God transfers him. For before his transference he is attested to have pleased God well.

does the bad interpretation from the kjv make any sense to you? the CV's one seems much more reasonable to ...anyone

i am getting tired of people saying that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, it doesn't have enough substance in the interpretation to get a full view of the meaning of the text!

King James Version KJV

Concordant Version CV


chapter 11 is from the CV

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    Ont thing about the word faith few people know is that it is along with many other words in the Bible it is a mistranslation from the Hebrew word that means belief.or so Strong's concordance clams

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