Will you help me with this units question?

Simplify the units: (Pa N m^4) / J

A. N

B. J

C. kg m/s

D. Pa

E. m

I keep getting J as my answer but the correct answer is N.

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  • Dr W
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    10 years ago
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    Pa = N/m²

    J = Nxm


    Pa x N x m^4 / J = (N/m²) x (N) x m^4 / J = N² x m² / J = J² / J = J


    double check that question and answer!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Put these

    Derivation Formula Derivation

    newton (N) force kg·(m/s2) kg·m·s-2

    pascal (Pa) pressure N/m2 kg·m-1·s-2

    joule (J) energy or work N·m kg·m2·s-2

    watt (W) power J/s kg·m2·s-3

    Put them in the equation and cancel out any similar terms eg N/m cancels out N/m etc it would end up with N.

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