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How skinny do you think i am?

Hey how skinny or fat do you think i am?

Like 1-100

Explanation on video? Haha

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PLEAASEE WATCHHH!! And answer honestly!! NO HARD FEELINGS!! Lol(:


Haha i agree i would cut down the pop and junk, but i HATE pop..Its gross, i mean i will drink it...but yuck! I also don't like milk, i have probably a 1/4 a gallon, in a week and half? And i would cut down the junk, but i don't really eat a lot of junk, i have 2 dasani water bottles full of water i drink every day AT school, but for bfast i usually have cheerios with honey, and milk (thats where i get my milk..but don't drink it, just soaks the cheerios)

A bowl of that, around 7am ,then at 10 i have a little snack size bag of cheddar chex, then i usually have a little bit of meat, with broccolli ( i am weird i love veggies) with ranch or croutons and ranch... and maybe a dry salad, with water..then i usually have dinner, which is cooked veggies, a small pork, or steak, and a small cesear salad, all with water, and that is what i have during the school week, during the weekends, i usually just have brunch, around 1130, then a small dinner, like a PB&J sandwhich...

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    wow you arnt fat at all likely a 20 at most mean sure you could build up and tone some muscle but your actually really hot i mean hey id date you >.>

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    Well your not a 80 but your not 50 so I guess about a 68 it wouldn't hurt to lose 15 pounds or 25

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    I'd say about 40. You are just like me, you have "love handles" but not because you're fat, because your body is built like that. I'd say don't aim for something, just get regular excersize and cut down on soda and fatty foods. You'd be surprised how much it helps.

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    It average. Not fat. Not skinny.

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