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Is there a stock option for the comany Trion world Network inc.?

The makers of the new game RIFT will come out on March 1st. This company is going to explode. Id like to invest in it while i can.

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    I don't think they are publicly traded. Their websites "investors" links lists which companies are their major investors, companies like Time Warner, NBC Universal, and four different venture capital firm. You might want to try contacting one of the venture capital firms to see if you can get a piece of the action but until it IPO's you're pretty much out of the picture unless you have a few million burning a hole in your pocket.

    Keep in mind that with online games, it's really not anything new technologically so it's all about content, media and promotion. A game can be a stellar game and still fail in that market, less than 20% of such games make it, the difference being if the content captures the publics imagination and the promotion was sufficient to give it exposure. Also, the Internet is quickly becoming niche monopolies, Amazon dominates books and general merchandise, Apple dominates music, Google dominates the search engine, Twitter dominates whatever twitter is, and what dominates the online gaming community is Farmville. It doesn't necessarily take a fantastic game to dominate the market, just have the gamemification and psychology hooking the public.

    That pretty much means that 80% of such games are a bad investment, this means that if by explode you are expecting a ten fold return on your money then you should invest no more than 11% of your portfolio in such a venture to maximize the geometric mean of outcomes for optimal capital growth in the long run. Of course, that's a simplification that only considers a 20% chance of a 10 fold return and a 80% of a total loss of investment but the point is that you're better off looking for higher probability returns.

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    Is there a stock option for the comany Trion world Network inc.?

    The makers of the new game RIFT will come out on March 1st. This company is going to explode. Id like to invest in it while i can.

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    No, I do not use social networking. I'm not a social person by nature, but I don't think I would anyway... I try not to spend a lot of time in front of a screen. I check my email regularily, I often go on Youtube (mostly for music - I'm a guitarist) and occassionally I visit Yahoo answers... I do little research online and I never use MSN messager like so many of my peers. Most of the people I know who are around my age (15-16) spend about 4-6 hours every night on facebook or msn. It's mostly pointless chatter that couls just as well be done at school the next day, let alone over the phone or actually face-to-face with the person outside of school. There's such a thing as being too connected socially. I don't see why a person needs to be carrying on a conversation with their friends all day. To me it seems like an invasion of privacy and a huge waste of time. Having a social life is definitely a good thing - but it shouldn't become your only life.

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    Trion Worlds Stock

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    A little. Helps to stay in touch with people we would have lost touch with in the past. Also helps to find friends from our past. We are more connected through programs like linked in, facebook, twitter, or even text messaging. These tools help us to get and stay connected. I content that the more our network grows, the more effort it takes to maintain that network, and the less time we may have for face to face encounters. The degree of impact on an individual's life will vary. Every person needs human interaction to a different degree. If the idea of friendship through media is acceptable to a person, then less physical interaction will not adversely impact their quality of life. To each his own. The new tools do offer the opportunity to not go out and meet people. They also offer the opportunity to establish relationships with people in different geographically locations. They also provide a medium for getting to know people better. Ie meeting someone on line. The real issue for me is that human communication is complicated, where we rely on both verbal and non-verbal messages. Words and pictures can only tell part of a story. We are getting a distorted view of reality. In moderation, they augment relationships. These tools cannot be a replacement for making and maintaining relationships.

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