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I need a natural antibiotic for a root canal. I believe I have grown an immunity to what I was given.?

I have had two root canals on my top front tooth. the procedures 1 week apart. After the first one I spent a week in agony. Therefore I decided to call the dentist. They went back in and cleaned it out once again. The antibiotics amoxacillin are not working at all.I need to find something natural to help.I am in so much pain. And worry that an infection will develop if I don't find something. I take probiotics along with the antibiotic but am not sure what else to take. Thanks.

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  • Tink
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    10 years ago
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    Gary is absoluty right, I suspect that the tooth needs to be cleaned out better - so call that dentist - he'll need to see you. They might need to put antibiotic plugs directly into the root of the tooth.

    If anything natural compared to antibiotics, the world population wouldn't have exploded from 1 billion to 7 billion in 60 years time. Think about it.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    You need antibiotics for sure if your tooth is absessed. Absesses can hurt a whole lot, the dentist needs to open up the tooth root pull out the nerve (i.e. drill into it) and let it drain for a couple weeks. Then they go back and fill in the hole and put a crown on usually. 800 sounds like a fair price and is not out of the question. That sucks to have 8 all at once... but I think if you have an absess untreated (no antibiotics) the infection can spread to surrounding teeth. I would call the better business bureau on this guy though because having treated the teeth only a month ago this shouldn't be happening. Sue for reimbursement for the fillings at least!!! Most likely what has happened is an absess spread. That really sucks, I've had teeth issues a lot in the past too and its the worst pain I've ever experienced. Your dentist should give you pain meds perscription if you have an absess... definitely ask for this.

  • dave
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    Ignore E dawg, that's really incorrect advice given by someone with no health knowledge.

    If the antibiotics were not working then you'd already have an infection. Pain and infection are two different things.

    Keep taking your painkillers (I assume you're doing that?) and go and see your dentist or a doctor if you're concerned.

    Source(s): There's really no such thing as 'natural medicine', if it works it's just called medicine.
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    You probably need a different antibiotic; your dentist is in the best position to determine which one.

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  • Gary K
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    10 years ago

    No no no. You must discuss this with the dentist. Don't mess around with crude herbal drugs or potions that don't work.


    EDIT: @E Dawg, what are you talking about? I have never told anyone with a cold to get antibiotics. If you have a problem with this answer then you explain whats wrong with it, rather than a making a cowardly personal attack.

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