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What causes you to have head achs?

I have head achs like every other the pass 3days I have had head achs all day.what makes he have them or what starts them I should say.I'm at home 24/7 with my son who is 8months I even have a reason to have head achs like I do?my boyfriend says that I have been having head achs sinve I have my can giving birth cause head achs?am I stressed..I shouldn't and my boyfriend haven't been on each others good side for like 4days.could that be it?help please.

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  • Susie
    Lv 4
    9 years ago
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    I read your other question and it could be due to stress. Also, it may be not enough sleep or spending too much time staring at a computer screen.

    I'm not a big pain pill popper, but they do work. If you think it is stress related take a soothing bath. Get plenty of sleep and get off the computer and electronics an hour before going to bed.

    I hope your head feels better soon. If it continues for a long while then check with your doctor.

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