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Does it hurt more when you get colour tattoos?

I have a big rose design on my hip, getting it extended soon. So far it's been done in black ink and the rose is very shaded.

But, I've decided I want to make the rose and the rest of the roses that I will be getting done there red or maybe just a reddish tint over the shading.

Just wondering if getting it coloured hurts more than the original black ink?


Guess my tattoo artist was winding me up then! He said it hurt more to get it coloured in - guess he just didn't wanna work with me again :P

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    with the one i have on my back there was a lot more pain with the red that was put in then just black and gray-wash..

    it might have just been we switched to a 9 round but to me it hurt A LOT worse

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    Some people perceive the color or shading portions of the tattoo to be more painful, however this is not because gray or colored ink is any more painful than black ink. As other have mentioned, usually a larger group of needles is used in shading and coloring as so the artist may cover more area, rather than an outline, which (if it is a thin one) may have only one or a couple needles. There are very few tattoos out there that are just outlines though, as most tattoos (whether color or traditional black and gray) have some form of shading or filler, making the vast majority of all tattoos equally as pain-inflicting. One example of how a non-colored tattoo could even be more painful than one with color would be large tribal designs, in which many needles are used as once, more than what would would be used for a small or medium colored tattoo. In short: it is the number of needles, not the color of the ink... that bothers some people. Personally? I don't feel a significant difference between outlines and shading/color. As for your ankle being more painful... perhaps, again- as others have said- the closer to the bone your tattoo is, the more painful many people find it to be. Everyone is different, their experiences, their pain tolerance, their artist's technique, etc. so no one can accurately describe to you how your experience will be. I can, however, tell you that the majority of all people I know said it is "not as bad" as they expected.

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    No. Ink is ink and the needle process is exactly the same. Needles poke holes in your skin and drag ink below the surface where it gets "stuck". The color of the ink makes absolutely NO difference

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    The only way it would hurt more is if they change the size of the needle, OR if they are applying the tattoo on a different part of the body that is a little more sensitive than on your hip. Hope this helps you, good luck (:

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    No, both black and white and color tattoos use the same types of ink so the pain level of them will be the same as well.

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    They use the same kind of needles for them. The color isn't what hurts, the piercing of the skin over & over again with a mechanized needle is what causes the pain.

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    if done in different sessions it is pretty much the same

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