Question about George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass..."?

Is that John Lennon singing in the "Hallelujah/Hari Krishna" chorus of "My Sweet Lord?" It sure sounds like him...

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    I would think if it was John Lennon, it would be common knowledge, since he's so revered since his death.

    There are two versions of the song, and controversy about who sang the background vocals on the original.

    According to the website, it was the George O'Hara-Smith Singers doing the background vocals on the original "My Sweet Lord." Sam Brown provided additional vocals in the remastered version of the song that Harrison did in 2000.

    On the original version, the George O'Hara-Smith Singers are rumored to be George Harrison's voice overdubbed several times--whether Phil Spector also contributed vocals is not clear. Spector did produce the original version and the whole ATMP album. In the liner notes of the remastered version in 2000, Harrison mentions the late Betty and Cyril of the George O'Hara-Smith Singers. But no one seems to know who they are, or whether Harrison made them up.

    So the answer is no, it wasn't John Lennon, but it's also unclear who was actually singing the backing vocals on the original.

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    9 years ago

    No it was Phil Spector

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