landrover freelander problems?

Hi all

well you may think us fools after you read this but this was our first car we bought. anyway here we go..

10 days ago we bought a landrover freelander, it cost us 1,800.

it had been thru its MOT a week previous to us buying it and passed no had a full service 2 weeks previous to us buying it as well...

the guy we bought it off of had advertised it on ebay so we went to collect it everything seemed fine, i filled out the new owners portion but noticed it wasnt his name on the owners bit - but said this was normal as he had put his name on the keepers section of the V5...having never bought a car i just said ok.

so anyway here we are 10 days later and the car has been making awful noises and smoke billowing out of the exhaust, its undrivable and we're having to get a mechanic, we think the rear differential has gone, but that doesnt explain the smoke from the exhaust??

we contacted the bloke who sold it to us and he said sorry its sold as seen (never said this in ad) and he refuses to give us a refund or pay! which i think is outrageous...

another thing we noticed when we bought it is the left passengers mirror was cracked, so surely that wouldnt pass MOT?!

then we found out on the MOT certificate he was the MOT tester, as he works at a garage..

and on the keepers portion on the V5 hes put his name and address when its supposed to be ours.

turns out he didnt register the vehicle in his name at DVLA.

i need advice please, do we have any legs to stand on or are we screwed?!

Thank you!!!!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Legally you haven't a leg to stand on but you could cause him some trouble if he's MOTd a dodgy car.

    Get it MOTd somewhere else and if it fails on anything, report the matter to VOSA, but do it soon, like tomorrow.

    The 'smoke' coming from the exhaust will be the head gasket, they all do that. Have you taken it out in the rain yet? .....

    Freelanders, doesn't help you now but I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole.

  • 9 years ago

    bad deal I guess. never buy a car if you are not vehicle aware and get an engineer to check it out first costs around £120 or so but can save headaches , heartache and a lot of money.

    sounds very dodgy about the MOT and form. report it to his testing agency at once. while waiting have car checked if driveable at another MOT station.

    it may well be you have bought what is know in trade as a lemon and possibly knowingly sold a duff car. here only another expert opinion can have any value . eg engineers report as to possibility or probability of existing faults and should it have passed an MOT . it will also be your word against his eg cracked mirror.

    can get very expensive very fast. have a chat in first instance to legal rep at citizens advice. be careful you don't throw good money after bad.

    I think you will be best off trying to get his operations at MOT garage put under suspicion ( may be a chance he has others issues and can lose the testing license)

    then see at an independant garage what can be done to salvage the car. sounds like a case of a head gasket blown.

    the rear diff may indeed be faulty and need exchanging. sadly a lesson learnt hard way and no compensation Knowing it happens to others every single day .

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    report him to the dvla, for forging the mot, as the tester.

    if the car is an 1800cc freelander, then the head gasket has blown.....very common, and usually fixed free of change by landrover, as it is a manufacturers known defect.

    Also report everything to the police.

    Small claimes court could also help

  • Carrie
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Check your h.t. leads for damage and your distributor or coils. If it has coils, take off the engine cover with 3 screws. Then unscrew the 2 coils. Take each of the leads off and replace. If the engine starts again, then both coils need to be replaced. (€57 on ebay) Check the rotor arm and distributor cap for excessive wear and also the ends of each lead. For the h.g. check the dipstick and oil cap for a creamy residue. For timing belt, take off the under engine tray if it's still there and push against the belt that goes directly upwards. If it feels loose, then the valves have hit the pistons and it's nearly cheaper to fit a replacement engine. Oh, for the h.g also check the coolant for oily deposits and around the engine itself for any leakage

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  • 9 years ago

    some good advice above.

    I suggest you contact consumer direct, find them with google, complain because it is possible that this "private seller" is in fact selling loads of cars like this. If he is doing this he is operating as a trader and using the "private seller" routine to avoid claims.

    one of the reasons you have few rights in this case is that you bought from a private seller not a trader.

    I have to say that you have asked for hassle on this because:

    1) you bought a car with known reliability problems

    2) you did not have the car inspected

    3) you bought off Ebay!

  • 9 years ago

    done like a dogs dinner and worst of all, he saw you comming.

    yes you are screwed, but you shold report him.

    a tip for your next vehicle- ask to get an independant inpection done if they say no walk away.

    been there, had that done to me. me a lot older and wiser

    Source(s): had more cars than birthdays
  • 9 years ago

    I think you should have gone to spec save but good luck you have been dealing with a bad one

  • 9 years ago

    check-check and check again...the only way to be sure of what your buying...he sounds like a bit of a him and mot garage to vosa-justice will be done

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