What's the average weight for a 162cm girl?

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Between what && what?
PS: I'm 13 years old && my height is 162cm and i weight 54 kg.
Am I fat:(?
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A widely used tool to measure an healthy weight id the BMI (Body Mass Index). Usually, the BMI is only used for adults, but it can give you a good indication.

Here is how you evaluate your BMI: Weight (in Kg) divided by Height (in m, squared).
Or: Kg / (m x m). So in your case: 54 / (0,162 x 0,162) = 20,6.

Your BMI is 20,6 which is perfect.

Here is a table to understand what BMI numbers mean:

BMI <16 = Extremely thin (unhealthy weight)
BMI 16,1 to 18,5 = Very thin
BMI 18,6 to 24,9 = Normal (healthy weight)
BMI 25,0 to 29,9 = Overweight
BMI 30,0 to 39,9 = Obese (unhealthy weight)
BMI 40 + = Morbidly obese (many dangers to health)

So, right now your weight seems exactly where it should be. Congrats!
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  • mv6767111 answered 3 years ago
    nope your perfect! i'd say its between 52 and 57 kg, so you're good.
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