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harvard or westpoint military academy?

i received admission into harvard university and west point military academy. Im need help deciding which to go to. Harvard is more prestigious, but graduates from west point have more perks. I have a full scholarship to both, so money is not an issue. PLEASE HELP

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    1 decade ago
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    Congrats on getting into both of these elite schools. Make sure you take a campus tour of both of these colleges to see if you like them. Also, make sure you check to see if both of these colleges have the major that you want to study.

    Academically, Harvard is going to be more challenging than West Point. Harvard is the oldest university and the most prestigious (as you mentioned) in the entire United States. Since you have been admitted already I would send them your letter of acceptance. You'll already be considered over the majority of people in a job interview just from receiving your degree from Harvard.


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    5 years ago

    in case you opt to fly the Air rigidity Academy or Naval academy may be a extra useful determination than West element. the clarification is becuse the army has warrent officers flying and that they don't need college tiers. My mothers and dads are airforce veterns so i'm unable to declare flat out the probabilities a protection rigidity officer might fly. yet i can declare once you're staring at flying medivac venture you the two opt to be an Air rigidity SAR helicopter pilot or connect the army. i might talk on your recuriter approximately turning out to be a member of the army as a helicopter pilot.

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    1 decade ago


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