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Has modern technology decreased the quality of the porn experience?

Back in the day, watching porn was a memorable event. You got yourself ready, being certain to have on hand a lot of single dollar bills, wearing those dark glasses and hat pulled low, or a trench coat for those who were really old school, and you went out to the adult book store or porno theatre in the dead of night, the way God intended. These days, however, porn is accessible with a few clicks of a mouse, and today's young people have no appreciation for the quality of the true porn experience.

I'm sorry, but whacking it in front of a computer screen isn't the same as walking into a dark video arcade, feeling the floors sticky under your feet, seeing the nervous glances of other customers, looking around for a booth that is unoccupied...or occupied, depending on whether or not you wanted someone to lend a helping hand...and then stepping in and sitting down, dropping in your tokens, and watching the screen flash to life.

If the management is considerate, there is a box of kleenex provided, but if not, the residue that slightly blurs the images onscreen is an example to follow, and there is always the joy of hearing the muffled commotion from the adjoining booths, and perhaps the odd excitement of someone peeking into yours, tense with the sudden shyness that has left their lust in the midst of an aphasic episode.

You glance over and see if they measure up to your standards, and you are fully within your rights to turn away dismissively and pull the door shut...if one is provided, that is. You surf through the selection of videos provided, choosing your flavor like a customer standing in front of an ice cream truck. What are you in the mood for? Something vanilla, or perhaps something less mild? There is time, as long as tokens last, and one need not make up their mind so quickly. There is always new clientele entering the arcade to consider, and one's options can only improve with the late hour.

Finally, satisfied and spent, you step out, nearly crashing into the irritated and harried chinese charwoman who is passing by with her mop and bucket. She glances up at you and her look is one of disgust, as you have just added to her work load; you smile back broadly, though--proudly, even. You know that when she mops out that little cubicle, she will know that you were the one who so contributed to her continuing employment, and there is a strange joy in knowing that she will see your handiwork, as it were. Yes, you feel that you have truly earned the title of pervert, and are proud.

I hope that I have been able to bring fully to life the good old fashioned porn experience, and to show how the modern equivalent suffers by comparison. I say, if it was good enough for our fathers, it should be good enough for us!

Your thoughts on these serious contemplations? Please feel free to give your 2¢...or whatever it is you call it.


Meds, you've brought a tear to my eye... that was just beautiful!

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    Yeah, kids today just don't get it. Sitting in your room with one hand on the mouse and the other on junior is so sterile it's almost pointless.

    I remember going into one of those private booths at the back of the adult bookstore with a roll of quarters when I was sixteen. Then being forced to quickly find another as the previous occupant was a bit careless about cleaning off the little bench after he finished.

    After blowing through my wad (of quarters) watching Little Oral Annie and some other master thespian educate me in the ways of female on female bondage, I slunk quietly back home. Where I immediately put my sneakers in the washer, because damn, those floors really were sticky.

    Ahhh memories...

    Source(s): Edit: A tear? Wrong bodily fluid for this question. :)) Edit2 @ The Nolte: The above is 100% true. Granted it was the only time I ever did that, but I still vividly remember Little Oral Annie's glorious rack.
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    When I was 19 I was living in a city 2 provinces over from where I grew up. The city was so much more sophisticated as I'd never seen a XXX peep booth store before, well, except in the movies.

    Any how, ((((((Jack)))))), my point is, think of all the small town & bible belt peeps the internet has reached. Folks who grew up in smaller bergs like me may never have known the joy of porn & had to have suffered with only the dozens of strip clubs for entertainment.

    Winnipeg may have a hooker on every imaginable corner, but still, in this day & age, no peep shows.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yeah, I miss the good old days when it used to be something you had to go out of your way to see and hope nobody sees you going in.

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  • 9 years ago

    Other than when my mother dragged me to one while she went for a job interview luv, I've never been inside one. It does explain why the dog is always sucking and licking on my son's joggers though................

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    *sigh* This post brings back so many memories....Peep show floor mopping paid for my college education, you know.

    You should take it as a compliment that after reading this, you've forced me to reply using just one hand...

    Source(s): You + Meds = Geniuses
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    9 years ago

    Psh... whatever old man... it makes the experience quite more enjoyable and comfortable and best of all... FREE... :PPPP

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