i have a problem in understanding math.?

i have some serious problems first when the teacher explains i understand but when i go back home i forget everything, so i started writing notes on how to solve but i still get confused. Second if i understood well next day in the exam i start solving but when i find more than 3 questions that i cant solve i panic and start crying, so i mess up the whole exam. plz tell me what to do, is there any good way of studying math and memorizing the rules.

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    the answer is yes :

    All you need to know is what math operation you are using to solve your problems with doing it step by step try my tips below and see if it helps you out okay. in the sources below are some math help webites so you can learn at your own rate:

    My tips:

    1) Read the problem through; until you understand it. Take your time and work it one step at a time. Don't rush it -your more apt to make mistakes doing this way than when your doing it slow allow your mind to work the problem out ( Think of it as a puzzle, the pieces will come together only one piece at a time. So do it one step at a time)

    2) Look for clue words like: sum, more than,less than, greater,multiplied,divided by..etc for all word problems

    3) Look for given equation, variables, etc

    4) Find out what the problem is asking you to solve for .

    5) Write "Given: " , than write down what is given, than write down, What are you solving for?

    6) If you have to rearrange the equation in order to solve it, than write out step by step what math operation your using on it to solve it, if you have to rearrange it otherwise do # 7.

    7) Write step by step what Math operation your using to solve for it . This will make it easier for you to backtrack it and see what you did wrong; if you made error in your math - if your proof for it , doesn't check and equal

    8) While doing number 6 and 7:

    Always Pay Attention To the Signs . This the one number reason why people get wrong answers in Math. When they are solving there math problems. So please take your your time in doing it, if you rush it , your more than likely to make errors.

    9) Do a Proof to prove your answer is correct By writting "Proof:" - The reason for this : Sometimes you might think you have the right answer when your really got the wrong one but this will tell you right away. { Remember # 8, you might have made a error in your signs.} Doing the proof for it, will catch it, if you did make a mistake. So do the following:

    10) Write your original equation down. Plug in your numbers, than write step by step what Math operation your using to solve for it . If this does not check and equal than back track from the Given point to the proof and see if your answer is right. if it is? than check the proof and when you find were you made your error at . Correct it than solve it again and redo the proof again until it check and equals

    11) Make sure you put the units on the end of the final answer . Some teachers will mark it wrong, if it not there,

    Here a example of of a math problem so you get a idea of how to do one :


    A spherical tank need to hold 100 cubic feet of water, using the formula V= 4/3*pi*r^3 ,

    and pi = 3.14159258, what is the radius of the tank:

    Step 1 :

    Given :

    pi = 3.14159258

    V = 4/3 * pi* r^3

    V= 100

    We are solving for r

    Step 2

    V = 4/3 * pi* r^3 - original equation

    100 = 4/3* 3.14159258 * r^3 - Substitution of V, and pi

    100* 3/4 = 4/3* 3.1415258 * r^3 * 3/4 - Multiplying the multiplicative inverse of a

    number to both sides of the equation to move it to the other side of it

    300/4 = 3.14159258 * r^3 - Multiplication

    75 = 3.14159258 * r^3 - Division

    75 * 1/3.14159258 = 3.14159258* r^3 * 1/3.14159259 - Multiplying the multiplicative

    inverse of a number to both sides of the equation to move it to the other side of it

    75/3.14159258 = r^3 - Multiplication

    23.873242023000 = r^3 - Division

    23.873242023000 ^ (1/3) = (r ^ 3)^(1/3) - taking the cube root of both sides of the equation to remove the cube

    2.879411933968 = r - Doing or solving the cube root

    The answer for r is 2.879411933968 feet


    Prove that - when r = 2.879411933968, pi = 3.14159258 and v = 100 cubic feet it make the V =

    4/3 * pi* r^3 true

    V = 4/3 * pi* r^3 - original equation

    100 = 4/3 * 3.14159258* 2.879411933968^3 - substitution of r,V,pi

    100 = 4.1887904* 2.879411933968^3 - Multiplication and Division of 4/3 and pi

    100 = 4.1887904 * 23.87324202301 - solving or taking the cube of r

    100 = 100 - Multiplication

    It checks and equals

    The answer for r is 2.879411933968 feet

    Granted doing this, takes a lot of time; but it will give you the right answers every time; or at least catch your wrong answers before you write it down and it will save your bacon every time , A lot of right answers is better than a lot of wrong answers don't you think.

    Also write in a notebook any tips, tricks or operation in math, so you that can refer to it if needed.

    also when you get your test back, look at the answers you got wrong, and try redoing again. to see why you got it wrong, good idea to hang on the work sheet you were using to solve the problem durning the test to see where you went wrong in sloving it ( there gold in find out why you goofed up - so don't throw them away tuck it away until you get your test back )

    I hope this helps.

    Source(s): www. math.com www.webmath.com www.sosmath.com www.coolmath.com www.purplemath.com www.mathpower.com www.analyzemath.com.html www.AAAmath,com www. figurethis.com www.mathcats.com www.easymaths.com www.homeworkspot.com/high/math www. parentingteens.about.com/od/math/Math_Fr… www.themathhomeworkhelp.com www.aplusmath.com www.homeworkhelp4u.com/math_homework_hel… www.nutshellmath.com www.mathhomeworkhelp.com
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    1. Looks like you have a very photographic memory. that's good.

    We all don't, necessary, have that skill.

    2. When you try to solve math or anything else, always ask yourself "Why" and "How".

    Don't take anything for granted. Don't trust anybody, investigate yourself.

    Every problem has a logical conclusion.

    3. It is typical to be in panic mode during exam. that will go away when you build yourself


    4. Most of the time "RULES need to be memorized".

    5. Try to learn by understanding not by memorizing.

    ............honest answer

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    Ask you teacher for some past exam papers and then when you get home or over the weekend, do the paper (taking as long as you need) and then mark it according to the mark scheme. Then you can see which areas you need to work on and revise over those topics over the next week. Then on the next weekend, do another (different) past paper and mark it again and see which area's still need work on, and continue to revise over those areas. Keep doing this until you can do the questions. Then do the first one again and see how much you have improved! :D

    Good luck x

    Source(s): I know it sounds like a long process, but it is the best way of revising and learning topics in my opinion :D (it worked to get the grade I wanted in my maths course also) x
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    Try buying some old past papers or revision booklets that way you will have plenty of work to practice on.You should also try to speak to your mum and your teacher- i know it might seem abit embarrassing but if it helps you to gain qualifications to get a job it will be worth it i promise! Good luck x

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    Make sure you eat well, preferably fish, and drink enough water. Work with controlling your panic reactions - crying won't get you anywhere. Other than that, keep doing what you're doing - you're on the right track.

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    try harder

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