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Why does it seem impossible for me to achieve anything?

I am starting to again have huge doubts as to whether I can achieve what I've set out to do in my life.

This is completely natural I'm sure, but it still affects me alot.

I know how to achieve results in my life, but there are some areas were it just seems completely impossible to get things done.

I try, and often do, make some steps towards it, but it always feels like its nowhere near going to ever be enough.

I don’t know what would be enough to make any real headway with this, it all seems so overwhelming and impossible.

I suppose I just have to continue, but its hard continuing when you have very little motivation, my lack of motivation comes from thinking it is never going to happen.

Has anyone been through anything similar?

How did you find a way out of this?

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    You have partly answered your own question. There are two things stopping you from achieving your goals. Doubt in your abilities and lack of motivation. I am sorry for being blunt but I have been in your shoes and there is no other way to say it.

    Lack in motivation is a sign that your heart is not in with what you are doing. Together with self doubt they mean that you dont know yourself well enough or what you really want. An ultimate goal is: you in the future at a better/higher position whether it is physically, mentally, spiritually or alltogether, who achieves great things. How will you get to that point if you dont know where you are right now? When a person knows him/herself he/she knows their strengths and weaknesses. Such a person chooses goals carefully and his/her motivation comes from the heart. Also uses the strengths to advantage and works hard to overcome weaknesses.

    Its hard to achieve anything, almost impossible, if you dont know yourself, and you are always the starting point. Know yourself, know what you really want to achieve, your self doubt and lack of motivation will disappear, and as they say: sky is the limit.

    All the best.

  • I have! You just need to remember no matter how big your goal is to praise yourself for the small steps you make. Reward yourself it'll go a long way! Also remember that theres no star that cannot be touched if its a little difficult to reach your goal than head higher! Life isnt supposed to be easy! :)

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    your thoughts playing tricks on you , try to stop the negative thoughts !!!!!!!!11 just block them out .. never think like that ..

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