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My hot water heater is producing NO hot water.?

I have a 50 gallon Whirlpool hot water heater that is about 6 months old. In the winter, the colder it is outside, the less hot water I have (this was the case with the old hot water heater as well). This winter I am taking cold showers, never mind the hot water not lasting, it doesn't even GET hot. Same with washing dishes, the water isn't even lukewarm. I have the water heater set to the highest recommended temperature. When I get out of the shower I can hear the flame in the hot water heater going, so I'm thinking that must mean the pilot light is lit and that isn't the problem. My hot water heater and my furnace are "hooked in together", whatever that means. They are separate units, but hooked together I guess? In the winter I keep the heat set between 65 and 70. Is this a water heater / furnace issue? I also have central air through the furnace and the hot water is not a problem in non-winter months. Especially since it's only a problem in the winter, is it a cold or freezing pipe issue? I am sick of cold showers!


David P., if it is a water supply issue then that means I can't do anything about it, right? By the way, the water pressure is always good, I don't know if that makes a difference in determing what the problem could be.

Update 2:

The hot water heater is located in more of a "closet" than a room. It has the hot water heater and furnace in it, that's it. That closet is probably 10 -15 feet from the bathroom. I think the insulation in my place is already really good. I guess I could try the blanket thing. Was hoping there was just some sort of "adjustment" I could make to give me some instant hot water.. :( Oh well..

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    I really don't know how to answer this and i maybe totally wrong but here it goes

    you said that your heater and furnace are connected together?

    I have installed a few a/c units that the water lines run through it to supplement the heating of the water. but this would only work with a switch valve to change the water flow winter vs summer.

    you said that you hear the flame on your water heater! that tells me you have a gas furnace and water heater. right? I've never seen this application with gas heat but it could be done?

    I would have a plumber come look at it. the cost to me would be well worth the hot shower!

    I would love to find out how this comes out for you. I love trying to solve complicated problems, but this one I would have to see.

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    I had the same problem in two of my houses. We checked and the pilot light was lit. (you may want to check just to be sure though) We dont know this for sure but one thing we noticed is that the further away the source of water was from the water heater the colder the water was in the winter. the bathroom right next to the water heater was working perfectly. that probably doesnt make you feel any better seeing as how thats not easily fixable

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    maybe you need to get an insulated blanket put on your water heater. what about the room it's in, can you have some insulation added to the walls or ceiling of it, too?

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    It maybe a water supply issue.

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