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Is is necessary to wear legit cycling apparel?

I am going to start cycling, and by summer i will be in a three hundred mile bike ride. my dad already cycles, and he's getting really excited for me to start, so he's buying me everything i "need". The shorts i can understand because they are padded, but the shirts i think are kind of pointless. couldn't i just wear any type of workout top? Im going to sweat anyways, and i dont like the looks of the cycling shirts, and i don't want to get a funky tan line, so would i like die of heat or something if i wear a different kind of top. and there are going to be alot of legit cyclers there, so would i look lame if i didn't wear the exact propper attire?

plus i need ideas on what color to paint my bike :)

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    I would like to suggest a specific cycling jersey. No - it doesn't have the name of a cycling company on it or any sponsors. It's for a cause - and a good one. 3 Feet See links below.

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    Cycling jerseys are a very functional item of clothing with over 100 years of development. The zip at the neck allows the rider to open the jersey for better air flow. The tight sleeves help cheat the wind, the pockets in back provide storage for things you need on the road. There are also sleeveless jerseys that you can wear so you don't develop that dreaded tan line. There are solid colour jerseys available. Many cyclists prefer to wear bright hues so that cars can see them better, and jerseys also often have reflective strips that make you more visible when there isn't enough light. Workout tops may use similar fabrics, but they won't have the other features of a real cycling jersey

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    cycling jerseys are an fairly useful merchandise of clothing with over a hundred years of progression. The zip on the neck helps the rider to open the jersey for greater beneficial air pass. The tight sleeves help cheat the wind, the wallet in lower back furnish storage for issues you desire on the line. There are additionally sleeveless jerseys which you would be able to placed on so which you do no longer improve that dreaded tan line. There are sturdy colour jerseys obtainable. Many cyclists desire to placed on marvelous colors so as that autos can see them greater beneficial, and jerseys additionally in many circumstances have reflective strips that make you greater seen whilst there's no longer sufficient mild. work out tops would use comparable fabric, yet they gained't have the different valuable factors of a actual cycling jersey

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    it isnt necessary, but the "legit" clothing is specifically designed to help you ride better, most people wear jerseys and shorts that match the colors on theyre bike. when you cycle you do not want a baggy wet shirt or a clunky sports bra catching in the wind like a flag, thats why the clothing is so tight and minimal.


    personal experience

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    There are more conservative jerseys out there. BUT you do want to wear a good wicking shirt. It keeps the ride so much cooler. But, when all is said and done, you end up with a strange tan anyway you go UNLESS you spend some time in your bathing suit!


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    You can wear anything you want but cycling shorts and jerseys are designed to keep you so much cooler. I can ride in 90 deg weather and not sweat at all until I stop. You can wear about any latex or synthetic top you want as long as it doesn't hold sweat.

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    Biking jerseys are very functional and there are many styles out there to choose from. Wool is great as it breathes and keeps you warm when wet. But I doubt you'd get any real guff if you wore what you want - lots of us mountain bikers wear any old rag, especially in the winter

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    you can wear anything you want

    what;s stopping you?

    in summer though you will want to be as cool as possible

    the actual jerseys that you pooh pooh, have a purpose

    which is keeping you cool

    maybe you will be hotter but maybe you can stand it

    i;d say try it all out before the ride

    in your **training**

    you are doing training right?

    wear what you want to wear, see how it works

    here is a rule:

    the slow don;t get to criticize the fast

    just be faster than the critics and you can ignore their fashion comments


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