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URGENT: I need a new wardrobe VERY CHEAPLY?

I want to make a good impression as a freshman for which i will need new clothes, but, being in 8th grade, i don't have much money. What stores, preferably in the San Fransisco Bay Area, but online is fine too, sell VERY, VERY CHEAP clothes in small sizes? I especially need the basics - skinny jeans, T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, sweatshirts, etc.

Thanks! (:

P.S. Please do not recomend forever 21!

Also, links to specific garments that are cute an cheap would be very very nice!


thanks so much! all your answers were really helpful! (:

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    ik this sounds so weird but order clothes onlineXD lol if you go into the clearance section, they sell things cheaper! Like right now on clearance, they're trying to get rid of clothes! on I got a pair of shorts for $9 but htey were original $50! So I would try


    Wet Seal.

    A and E

    H & M (Pretty Cheap)


    I hope this helps!

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    I understand all about going into highschool! Im in my first year now(:

    Basic colored v necks and crew tops are great backdrops for cute accessories! Try Target right now, they're having some sales for spring!

    Skinny jeans and other types of jeans are going to cost more (around 20$) but try googling coupon codes and things.. For jeans i would recommend Platos Closet. Are those in San Fran? Another good store would for jeans and tops would be Rue21. They have MEGA sales!!

    That's all I could think of... I wish most of luck next year starting highschool! (: Just don't be too nervous! ^-^

    Good luck shopping!!

    Source(s): I went out shopping last weekend
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    woow im gonna try to remember wat i did when i was ur age so lets take it back okay sooo ur saying you have all summer to get this stuff cuz u want it for the 9th grade...if you have any hollister and abercrombie outlets near you then thats perfect, and if not then the regular stores have bomb *** sales at the end of can get very cute tank tops there (in case u dont like labels and u dont want HOLLISTER written on everything) and also they have awesome shorts and skirts. super cute. as for skinny has amazing sales..just collect the cupons i've gotten pants from there for like $7 before. u need to hunt down sales and clearences and show up to them early...also, accesorize a lot..and i know u said dont say forever 21 but honestly u should get basic plain T's and tanks to wear under stuff from there they are literally $4. Rue 21... Wet seal...especially sale racks. at the end of every season old navy also has great sales especially on their shoes. Hope I heleped!

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    All the previous answers were good, but just to add, GoJane has very cute and affordable clothes, as does wetseal. I know for sure that wetseal has stores, but I think GoJane is just online. They are my 2 favorite places for adorable tops, jeans, shoes, and accessories. But just remember to be yourself and let your style be a reflection of your personality. You can change your style, just make sure you're doing it for yourself and not because you are becoming a freshman. I hope my answer will help you! :)

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    wet seal - adorable cute jeans & loose fit shirts .

    aeropostale - basic 10 dollar graphic tee 's and cute jean shorts .

    hollister - swimsuits& perfumes

    victorias secret ' s PINK - sweats , loungewear .

    buckle - cute flip flops from brands like roxy .

    scheels - athletic shorts (nike tempos & sweats)

    this is basically my whole wardrobe (:

    and for a nice treat to yourself, miss me jeans are extremely expensive but when you have the spare cash its so worth it ! they can be found at buckle .

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    Check clearence and sale items on websites like wetseal and charlotte russe. You'll find great deals. Ebay is also great for finding cheap good brand names. Good luck.

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    The best place for you to go is Marshalls. The price are low and they sell brand names. I hope this helps.

  • Oh my goodness, please don't change your WHOLE wardrobe JUST because you're entering high school! So many girls I know at high school felt they needed to change their appearances in 9th grade, and you shouldn't have to. It's a waste of money when you already have clothes. BUT, finding some new pieces to spice up your closet never hurts.

    H&M has some really classic, timeless, and affordable pieces that come in small sizes, too. Shop Kohls, JC Penney, and even Target. They're all affordable and carry the essentials that you're asking for.

    Not exactly sure what your style may be, but these are just some simple, cheap clothes that you can mix and match with anything.

    Best of luck!

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    aww do you not like forever 21? ;( i love that store!!!

    haha well i deff think that you need to wear jewelry! necklaces rings earrings bracelets!

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