Do you think Amanda Knox is guilty or not guilty?

I saw a commercial for a movie coming out about her. I was wondering exactly what happened and if you think she's guilty or not. Thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Amanda Knox is an american girl who was studying abroad for one year in Italy as a part of a foreign exchange program. She shared a flat (sort of apartment I guess) with two other roommates one of them being Meredith Kercher. Meredith is from England, I believe she also was a foreign exchange student.

    What happened was that Meredith was found ghastly murdered in her bedroom in the flat that she shared with Amanda and that other roommate.

    A lot of the crime scene evidences were mainly of DNA; fingerprints, footprints on blood, on and in Meredith's body, & torn bloody garments, none of them being Amanda's DNA, or proving that Amanda was really there at the time of murder or that she killed Meredith, but there was a lot of DNA found more of Amanda's then-boyfriend Sol------ and Guede (some african descent guy).

    See the thing is I can't say whether Amanda is guilty or not guilty, either just incredibly stupid or kinda stupid.

    Amanda really had no motive to kill Meredith. If she really did kill Meredith out of hate, or arguments over money, it just means she lacks coping skills. I mean think about she's only studying abroad for one year, if she can't stand being roommates with another girl, move out, ask your parents for money, move back home if its that unbearable and if it's enough to give up the experience of being in Italy. Is Amanda really cruel and sick in the head, she just seems like an american girl who takes a lot of pictures of herself, posts on social networking sites, looking for a good time, for experience? I would expect cat fights as the worst.

    Amanda's boyfriend Sol-----(I forgot the rest of his name) Amanda's only had been dating him for about a week. Now he is the psycho killer. He's the one found to have done kronick stuff before all the murder things ( you gotta look this one up yourself---wiki it) anyway he also had comics of dark violent sexually...comic things... But yeah Sol---- is guilty. He is definitely psycho.

    The Guede guy, he is guilty, but being that he apologized he got 14 years in prison. Sol----got 25 and Amanda got 26 years in prison.

    You might think, well amanda sounds not guilty. well I don't know because all their alibi's and every witness testaments contradict each other. The suspects don't seem to get their stories straight. Everyone says Amanda is guilty because of the way she was acting, cuddling with her boyfriend and doing cartwheels, which isn't "appropriate", either she is retarded or she didn't grasp the severity of the situation because she knew she didn't do anything, or because she is mentally unstable.

    Either way, Meredith is gone and if putting away just anyone means justice, then I guess she gets justice.

    I suggest you research this on your own and form your own explanation. Doesn't it seem so movie-ish though? Nah I donnu.

    Source(s): researching it.
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  • 6 years ago

    Guilty. Read what Euphoric(K) wrote. She's clearly a psychopath. Nobody reacts the way she did to a horrible murder, nor do they change their account of what took place several times, nor do they try to get famous by writing a book about it. Too many people are duped by this psychopath - look up the definition of psychopath and you will see that they are remorseless, charming, manipulative, calculating, compulsive liars and great actors. Some people are dumb enough to believe that because she's young, female and cute, she must be innocent, but these people are living in a make-believe world. All the evidence is against her. Mind you, she was not the only one involved, but it's much more interesting to media whores to focus the limelight on her because she's female. Sad. Either way, I hope justice will be served and that Meredith's family will be able to get some true closure.

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  • 9 years ago

    The evidence against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito is overwhelming. They gave completely different accounts of where they were, who they were with and what they were doing on the night of the murder. Neither Knox nor Sollecito have credible alibis despite three attempts each. All the other people who were questioned had one credible alibi that could be verified. Innocent people don’t give multiple conflicting alibis and lie repeatedly to the police.

    The DNA didn’t miraculously deposit itself in the most incriminating of places.

    An abundant amount of Raffaele Sollecito’s DNA was found on Meredith’s bra clasp. His DNA was identified by two separate DNA tests. Of the 17 loci tested in the sample, Sollecito’s profile matched 17 out of 17.

    According to Sollecito’s forensic expert, Professor Vinci, Knox’s DNA was on Meredith’s bra.

    Amanda Knox’s DNA was found on the handle of the double DNA knife and a number of independent forensic experts – Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni, Dr. Renato Biondo and Professor Francesca Torricelli – categorically stated that Meredith’s DNA was on the blade. Sollecito knew that Meredith’s DNA was on the blade which is why he twice lied about accidentally pricking her hand whilst cooking.

    There were five instances of Knox’s DNA mixed with Meredith’s blood in three different locations in the cottage.

    It’s not a coincidence that the three people – Knox, Sollecito and Guede – who kept telling the police a pack of lies are all implicated by the DNA and forensic evidence.

    Amanda Knox voluntarily admitted that she was involved in Meredith’s murder in her handwritten note to the police on 6 November 2007. After she was informed that Sollecito was no longer providing her with an alibi, she stated on at least four separate occasions that she was at the cottage when Meredith was killed. At the trial, Sollecito refused to corroborate Knox’s alibi that she was at his apartment.

    Knox accused an innocent man, Diya Lumumba, of murdering Meredith despite the fact she knew he was completely innocent. She didn’t recant her false and malicious allegation against Lumumba the whole time he was in prison. She admitted that it was her fault that Lumumba was in prison in an intercepted conversation with her mother on 10 November 2007.

    She seemed like a typical sociopath, her roomate said she was just laughing and acting like nothing happened after the murder.

    She was promiscuous, and seemed to use lots of drugs... Not that these things mean she's a sociopath but how she acted, she just struck me as one... And sociopaths will have no problem murdering someone they dislike.

    The guy at the hardware store or whatever said she saw her come into buy cleaning supplies which she allegedly doesn't remember.

    The prosecutor said they most likely met up with rudy to buy drugs.. what kind of drugs? Meth can make you do some crazy things when you are in that state of mind. You think you can do anything, like you are a god.

    I highly doubt her only drug of choice was weed. I'm sure she was high on something, coupled with the fact that she disliked her roomate already, and on top of that she's a sociopath... she's TOTALLY guilty.

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  • 6 years ago

    Amanda Marie Knox has overwhelming evidence to support her innocence.

    I mean the videos taken showed the Police were just tampering with evidence for a quota.

    They already caught the real murderer.

    I love that Demigoddess.

    KARATE&JESUS bless.

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  • 9 years ago

    Hard to say

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  • 9 years ago

    shes guilty!

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  • 9 years ago

    its all circumstantial and its difficult to prove if she did anything but also difficult to prove if she did do something

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