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What are some good hotels in Cancun, Mexico?

I'm going to Cancun later this year and I was wondering what are some good beachfront hotels with a decent pool, swim up bar, etc?

Also, I am only 17 and heard that you can easily get alcohol underage. What are some good beachfront hotels with staff that don't mind giving alcohol to minors? My parents will be with me if that helps.


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    You obviously haven`t heard of the shark attack in Cancun or what can happen if you get drunk and picked up by the Police in "Playa del Carmen" Please see the two links, you may reconsider breaking the law. SEE THE VIDEO They picked up these people on New Years eve............the whole town was drunk!!! What kind of Cop picks up someone for being drunk on that night!!!! It takes 4 hours to sober up and they were held for 18 hours, fined and released($1,600.00 ) She , after being brutally raped , spent 3 days in Hospital. The shark is still out there.

    12 Taxi Drivers were randomly shot in Acapulco.

    I believe it is simply a matter of time before tourists are targeted. Stay safe and don`t drink or do anything else that is illegal.

    For your hotel

    Canada has a "Travel Advisory" for the "Whole Country". How anyone could not have checked that pipe at the hotel that had the explosion and killed 5 Candians. They have been charged. The cops have been harassing us and robbing us for years. Enough is enough. How many Mexicans have we raped, robbed and killed?

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    The best hotels along the Isla de Cancun or called the "hotel zone" are;

    The Rius

    The Royals

    Fiesta Americana

    There are several others just about any hotel on the Isla is a good place. If you are staying at all inclusive hotel you will be issued a hotel bracelet one for adults and one for minors. At most hotel your parents can buy you a drink. As far as drinking without them chances are slim.These resorts have their reputation, license, insurance, and do not want closer or fines.

    A shark attack well I'll be it is the ocean and although the US led the world in shark attacks last year at 36 it seems funny one rouge attack would make headlines.Shark expert George Burgess says the chances are slim you are more likely to get a sunburn.

    On the Isla de Cancun, you will proudly never even enter the city of Cancun you will be safe at least as safe as any tourist town in the US.

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    Ok, here goes. We have been going for years, Imperial Fiesta Club Casa Maya. Not far from the airport. Close to parting. No swim up bar, but you will enjoy for sure and your parents! Check it out on Trip Advisor. Happy Travels

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    You can get alcohol if you are with your parents.

    There are several hotels mostly very nice. You can get good deals at

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    Go to

    Source(s): maybe that'll help :)
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