Amana SRDVW SxS Compressor Not Running?

I have an Amana srd26vw sxs and the compressor is not running - the overload was burnt to a crisp and I ordered the parts which came with the relay and overload - I have replaced both of the pieces - the overload clicks in and out but the compressor will not start. I have checked each of the terminals on the compressor and it is not grounded out but with the relay removed and only the overload plugged in the r and s prongs show 120 v. with everything connected I do not get any volt reading at the cap which one wire comes from the S side of the relay and the other from the R side of the relay - I have also replaced the cap and nothing changed at all. Taken a resistance reading with relay and overload off I have resistance between all 3 prongs on the compressor. Any idea of what else could be wrong or and I dealing with a locked up compressor? - Thanks for the help!

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  • Missy
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    9 years ago
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    ok did you seperate the overload from the ptc or are you calling the start device the overload? When you look at the 3 pins is it the two pins are on top or one pin on top. If it looks like one on top then the runor R pin is on the leftin the two pin config if it is the other way the run pin is closest to you or on the left. The single pin it the common where the overload is connectedalso did you get the cap that plugs into the PTC or the one that mounts to the cabinet? If your PTC has two slots blow the the long plastic pin that sticks out of it then the cap plugs directly onto the ptc and you just disconnect and disregard the other cap wires. If you need further help, I am around. Good luck.

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  • Boe
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    9 years ago

    The only other thing you can try is a hard start kit. Can you hear the compressor humming? If you can that means it locked. You would also with a clamp on amp meter need to measure the LRA (lock rotor amps). The other thing is wack the shi! out of side of the compressor with a mallet. You might get lucky. Double check your wringing.

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  • Steve
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    9 years ago

    Your whipping a dead horse, as much as I hate to give up on a repair myself, that is my advice to you, lol

    Whatever condition was causing the overload to cook itself was atleast keeping the system moving with the breakdown, the compressor may have froze solid, you've already spent enough to no avail, without voltage to the capacitor it will not run.

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