Crochet tips much appreciated :)?

Hi, I recently started crocheting and I've been all hook happy ever since I finished my first project. So far I've made a couple of beanies, multiple flowers (but all from the same pattern), and a couple of granny squares.

I wanted to ask for a few tips such as:

Where is the best place to buy yarn?

Where is the best place to find patterns?

What are the skills (single crochet, double crochet, etc) that I will need to know for most patterns or that would help me?

What materials should I have handy?

And any other pointers you might have for an eager beginner :)

You don't have to answer all those questions, btw, I just want tips from some more experienced crocheters so whatever words of wisdom you have are welcome :)


yay! y'all are great :) thanks for all the help!

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  • Mary
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    9 years ago
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    Previous answers gave you lots of info already so I'll just give you my POV, LOL.

    Yarn? Depends on the project and how much you want to spend. I primarily use Michaels and ACMoore because they are easiest to get to and I can get coupons pretty regularly. For Large projects you may need to order online to get quantity in the same dye lot. I went straight to Lion Brand to purchase my thread for a tablecloth. I shop around, that's half the fun.

    Finding patterns: again, it depends on the project. For a beginner, try:

    or if you find a yarn that you love, go to the manufacturer's website to find patterns just for that yarn.

    Skills: I've been crocheting for thirty years and still learning. If you can do a granny square you are well on your way. You have the basics. Your next focus would be improving the consistancy of the tension in your work, learning the abbreviations, and the specifics on reading patterns. For a while every pattern might have it's own challenge but that's what keeps the hobby interesting. My advice is don't try something too hard too soon because it will get discouraging. Many patterns will say easy/intermeiate/difficult...don't skip levels. If you do get stuck you can always ask here.

    Materials: scissors, hooks (you can add them as you need them if you are on a budget or treat yourself and buy a set), yarn needles and tapestry needles for sewing in your ends and lots and lots of patterns. That's about all I use regularly.


    I get cramping in my hands so I try to alternate between using thread and yarn, or at least if I'm working on something that is all double crochet, then I'll do some finger puppets in single crochet to change the position of my wrist.

    Opinions vary but I like projects that have lots of small pieces and variety. Afghans that are in squares as apposed to loonnnng rows of repetitive stitches, or a teddy bear that has 15 pieces sewn together as apposed to Amigurumi. JMO, don't be offended anyone. LOL

    Most of all, have fun! Do what interests you, be it toys, baby clothes or pillows,or a vintage sunhat or thong bedroom slippers. If you start something that doesn't make you happy you can always rip and make something else. :)

  • 9 years ago

    As far as the best place to buy yarn, it depends. If you want middle of the road acrylic yarn, then probably WalMart is about as good as it gets. If you want spun wool, then you will have to find a specialty wool store near you, or a sheep farm that spins and sells the sheep wool. As far as patterns, there are all kinds of free patterns from a number of different website. There is,,, or even the store where you purchase your yarn will often supply free patterns to go with the yarn you are purchasing. I also found Ebay had a wealth of patterns at various prices of course. Crochet is made up of chains, single, double, triple and slip stitches. Your patterns are made up of any combination of these. Most patterns will explain the stitch. If you become very adept you will learn what the stitches are in various names, such as a cluster, love knot, basketweave, but these are usually explained step by step in the pattern, so you don't need to worry about it. If you are as enthusiastic as I am, you will have a variety of materials on hand. I get a lot of requests, so I have crochet cotton in gauges 10, 20, 30, some metallic elastic (for more advanced projects), wool, and acrylic and spun beaver fur. At your stage, I would suggest you keep just a small quantity of acrylic is the most versatile until you start to specialize. You should find yourself a full range of sizes in crochet hooks, crochet stitch markers (split rings) and scissors. That is pretty much it. I have crocheted for many, many, many years, both as a hobby and commercially for a fashion designer....that's where my small stash of beaver fur comes in....but you probably will never need it as it requires special patterns. Another pointer, always try to complete a project before starting a new one. It is very difficult to go back to ones that were placed on the back burner and pick up where you left off, plus the enthusiasm for that project will have probably worn off.

  • 9 years ago

    The above all have free patterns and some have tuition in all stitches.

    Yarn can be bought all over. There is no best place. It depends which yarn you want.

    A tip is that the US and UK use different names for stitches and hook sizes. This can confuse beginners but is not a problem. Just google "compare US UK crochet" and lots of sites come up with charts showing equivalent terms.

  • 9 years ago

    First of all, as a beginner, you should have already taken the basic beginner crochet class. These are offered all over the place... just ask for them, starting with your LYS. At the class, all of these questions are explained -- you need to have this to be able to do any work! This is just the basics... you cannot just use a hook to make single crochet all your life!! The basic course covers sooooo much that you will find invaluable throughout your entire craft life.

    So now that you have all this, you need to review your notes if you don't have answers to these questions. I don't plan on doing the whole course for you, so won't get into details. You already have all this information.

    And finally, whenever you have ANY question relating to the fibre arts, you should always go to your LYS and ask there... that is what they are for!!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    For patterns look towards crochet pattern central and ravelry.

    All stitches are nothing more than one stitch worked a little differently.

    Source(s): crocheting for 10 years
  • 9 years ago

    It seems like most everything has been covered. One tip I can give you is to use post it notes to keep track of the row you are on. You can make notes on the post it and keep your patterns clean.

    good luck

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