Statistics Question about Population and Sample?

I am not sure what they are asking for here...

Officers for the Dept of Motor Vehicles pull aside every 40th tractor trailer passing through a weigh station on I 95 for an emissions test. They end up testing 14 tractor trailers in one day. Write a sentence identifying each of the following for this study



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    Generally, population means all the objects of a certain kind, with a certain quality. For example, all the male inhabitants of the US, All the 5-year olds in the world, and so on.

    Usually we can't test all of the subjects in a population, so we need to take a sample - a number of subjects from the wanted population. For example, giving a test to 30 randomly selected 5-year olds means that our sample here are those 30 children and the population might be all the 5-year olds in the US.

    From the sample we might conclude about the different qualities and features of the population (depending on the different statistical tests we perform)

    The population here is the tractor trailers passing on I-95. (not just the tractor trailers, because the road's position and quality might be a contributing factor to the kind of trailers passing in it)

    The sample is the 14 tractors tested.

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