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Where should I go out to eat tonight? I have a choice between Pf Changs, Rainforest Cafe, Cheesecake factory?

I've never been to Pf Changs but I hear great things about them! I normally am always disappointed by chinese restaurants where I live because the food is garbage and the chicken is always cooked weird and too chewy. is Pf changs really all its cracked up to be? really good or what?

I've never been to Rainforest cafe either but I heard it can be amusing. I'm really looking for GOOD tasting food though. like, above and beyond cause I'm traveling out of town for this.

I've been to the cheesecake factory before and it was delicious so im already leaning in this direction.

Which would you choose? For people who have eaten at all three, which has the best food?!

Bonus question: If you threw Olive Garden in there, what would be the best then? (Never eaten there either)

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    Of those choices, I would pick PF Chang's. I went to one in Denver last night and sometimes meet my daughter for lunch at one in Virginia when I'm in the US. I like the food there.

    Olive Garden is okay, but I generally don't go there because I live in Italy. The food is good, but Americanized versions of Italian food. My favorite thing there is the Zuppa Toscana, but I've never actually seen anything like in in Tuscany.

    Rainforest Cafe is gimicky; I didn't particularly like the food there. Cheesecake Factory is okay, but I'd go to PF Chang's or Olive Garden over that.

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    I would pick the Olive Garden or PF Changs only because I've never been to Rainforest Cafe or Cheesecake Factory. I'm from New Orleans and chain restaurants are NOT a big thing down here. We have too many good locally owned and operated restaurants for chains to make a big splash. You have my sympathy.

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    Pf changes is good but I'm not a big fan of Chinese either. I used to go to rainforest café all the time. I love olive garden like love it! I'm always in a mood for cheesecake factory. You have Dificult choices. It depends on where you're traveling I love the cheesecake factory on the country club plaza in KC that's where'd I go

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    PF Changs was nothing special.

    I ate there once and will never go back.

    Nothing memorable about it.

    Rain-forest Cafe is all fancy looking inside but the food is so-so.

    Cheesecake Factory is my favorite of the 3.

    Variety, Quality, Outstanding food and service.

    BQ: The only thing I love at Olive Garden is the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo.

    Its mind blowing if you like that sort of thing. Everything else is so-so on the menu.

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    10 years ago

    PF Changs, their foods taste like their frozen foods at the grocery.

    Rainforest Cafe, I was too busy looking around, I forgot what the food tasted like.

    Cheesecake Factory, oh so good. I love the cheesecake!!!! Yum!

    Olive Garden, food is greasy delicious.

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    5 years ago

    If you go to Cheesecake Factory a lot, then go to Rainforest Cafe! I liked it ;)

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    10 years ago

    i love all of those restarants!

    the cheesecake factory would be good for the selection and cheesecake:)

    rainforest cafe would be good for the entertainment:) but not the food.

    pf changs is really good too!!

    i would probably go to pf changs if i was you but it depends what kinda food mood your in.

    oh and dont go to olive garden.. its crap

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  • lkraj
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    10 years ago

    I have been to all 4 you have mentioned.

    My preference order would be

    1. PF Changs

    2. Cheesecake Factory

    3. Olive Garden

    4. Rianforest Cafe

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    For an experience, RC

    If you are really hungry (big portions), CF

    I would only go to PF or OG if you have a hankering for chinese or italian. I think both are good. But if I'm in the mood for CF, then I wouldn't have a desire for PF, and vice versa.

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    I LOVE pf changs :) soo yummy!

    I dislike rainforest A GREAT deal, been there several times and each time kicked myself in the head for it.

    OLIVE GARDEN is my #1 choice, i eat there at least once a week lol! Try the lasagna fritta (Fried lasagna) and get the breadsticks!!!! i always dip them in oil and vinegar :)

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