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So we established that there are 2 figures in the 2-21-11 promo, correct?

Undertaker we know is in the shack, and there is a figure in a trench coat approaching the shack. This could very well be sting, now that we know there are 2 figures and one had pointed boots and a trench coat, which I remember Sting having in WCW at times. Doesn't make much sense for HHH or HBK or Kane or anyone like that to approach with that gear. Oh well, one more day!

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    here's what i'd do if i was wwe creative and/or vince mcmahon.

    1. i would've signed sting by now

    2. a) not leak any info by virtue of non-disclosure on all parties, and/or b.) purposely leak wrong or mis-leading information to the IWC.

    3. have the undertaker and hhh return on 2/21, but not sting.

    4. make no further mention of sting or anything that relates to him.

    4b.) this is to ensure the IWC talk of sting-to-wwe dies way down and most people think he isn't wwe bound.

    5. have the undertaker vs. hhh at wrestlemania 27 w/ hbk as ref, or enforcer.

    6. have a run-in during the match by the KLIQ (nash, hall, waltman) while hhh is down. hbk acts surprised only to turn around and deliver sweet revenge chin music to taker. he put hhh's arm over taker for the easy win. 1...2...... lights go out.

    7. lights come back on and sting is there (seemingly out of nowhere). he clears the ring of the KLIQ (including hbk), but leaves hhh alone... 8. lights come back on. just taker and hhh (who's still down, but moving) and no ref.

    9. "...if you smell.... etc, etc" rock comes out in one of his many wrestlemania 27 moments in a ref's shirt. taker stares down the rock. then he delivers the tombstone to hhh.. rock counts 1..2...3!

    10. the next night on raw sting makes his first true entrance and starts to feud with hhh....

    11. i'd have sting wrestle from wrestlemania 27-28, and only against more established stars that he could beat and lose to and it wouldn't hurt anyone's standing. (hhh, orton, cena, jehrico, punk... later on taker...etc,etc)

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    No, we havnt, the promo isnt live, its not telling a story, its a bunch of clips, meaning the person outside could easily be The Undertaker standing outside his shack thing, theres no reason why it would be another person

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    Wrong. I still say The Undertaker's the only one in that promo. The man standing outside was Taker. He had on the same exact jacket as he did when he was inside the house.

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    10 years ago

    Wrong. There is ONLY one person in those videos, The Undertaker.

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    10 years ago

    We'll find out tomorrow on Monday Night Raw.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Taker and sting

  • 10 years ago

    we will see tommorow

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