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does men get a longer sentence for hitting a women than a women hitting a man?

I'm 14 and i have to right a discursive essay on sexism. I was going to add a point about how men get a longer sentence but i can't find any information to back it up. Can anyone help?

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    Here are more than a few search terms to do an internet search for, I commend you on your chosen subject this is a VERY important subject that needs more awareness, i hope your interest in this subject will not end at the end of your assignment. Good luck.

    U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Statistics

    Abused Men


    Equal but Different

    Fathers for life

    Feminist Critics

    Glenn Sacks

    Guilty by Default

    Male Matters



    The Counter-Feminist

    The happy misogynist


    Toy Soldiers

    Warren Farrell

    What Men are saying about Women

    Source(s): study of inequality for fathers
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    One of the many double standards yes a man gets a longer sentence. I saw a reporting that men are more abused then women. Skinny dudes getting hit on by big fat ladies but they don't have the balls to fess up about it and get the help they need.

    Source(s): tv show i saw.
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    in some states both combatants are arrested. some states "equality" by putting women in jail when men were fagins. the sentencing may be by the injury inflicted or the number of times the man has abused a woman. my friends son did 11 months for permanently damaging his girl friend and her van. ironically, she was the abused women's center director. that was his third strike. she was asleep in bed when he came home drunk and angry. she had put him out of the car after he began a drunken tirade.

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    You are more likely to get sentenced as a man hitting a woman. A woman hitting a man is sometimes waved off.

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    It's a myth, in my humble opinion.

    Each case is different and depends on the individual circumstances, whether it be abuse by a man or abuse by a woman.

    However, I do believe that men are more reluctant to report it when a woman is abusing them.

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