Were you aware of the RINO legislature in Colorado?

Leading Rocky Mountain Republicans are capitulating to powerful special interests. RINOs sure are woosy beasts, in this instance aren't they?


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  • bwlobo
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    1 decade ago
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    The whole point of SCR-1, which the Democratically-controlled Senate may pass and send over to the Republican-controlled House, is to make it more difficult for average Coloradans to petition their government and pass amendments to the state constitution that a majority of Coloradans support. It’s a stiff arm, an elbow thrown at voters by politicians (cheered on by a laundry list of special interest groups, both right and left) who frankly like running government for their own ends all by themselves, thank you very much.

    I hope Colorado residents are paying attention. They need to ring the Republican-controlled House phones off the hook and raise their voices heard. What a bunch of woosies! I wonder who cut off the b@lls of those RINOs in Colorado.... "capitulate without equivocation" is their goal. Running rough-shod over "We the People" are their actions.

    People in Colorado.... WAKE UP!!!!!

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