Who'd you rather? Adam Lambert or James Durban?

If Adam Lambert auditioned at AI 10 (and did not audition for season 8).

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    Adam Lambert, there is not even any comparison at all, James is OK but he is no Adam Lambert.

    Not everyone that does a "rock scream" is a great singer:

    A) one of the reasons Adam is a great singer is the control and strength of his voice even when he is doing the big note. James is less controlled, he is reaching and it shows. Adam is listed on this music / singing discussion website and listed #2 of great rock voices


    B) I mean last season we had the female version of that and yeah a big note is great but then you literally become a one note singer. Adam is a great singer because he can literally sing anything, he has such range and diversity in his voice and singing. James comes on and immediately does the screamo thing and but remember Adam's audition? He came and sang micheal jackson rock with you and then a little of bohemian rhapsody by queen, no over the top big note just good singing.

    He became known as the rocker and did his fair share of the big notes but was just as effective doing very quiet and beautiful songs such as Tracks of My Tears and If I Cant Have You, it was these songs that should the true depth and breadth and beauty of his voice.

    none of this is a knock on james or anyone else, Adam is just in a class by himself

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    1 decade ago

    Adam lambert

  • 1 decade ago

    Adam Lambert all the way!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    adam is so gay and emo

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