Mass Effect - Xbox 360. Feros Side Missions?

When I landed on Feros, I talked to everyone and did all the side missions before heading to the ExoGeni lab. I found the power cells, turned on the water, cleared the Geth from the tunnels and found the Varren meat. I returned back to Zhu's Hope and talked to the right people to complete the missions. The problem is after I did the main mission, all the other side missions are back again. I found the power cells again and got more EXP, Paragon and creds, but I accidently killed the woman for the water and the guy for the varren meat while coming back to Zhu's Hope. When I killed the Varren and turned on the water valves again, I still have the side missions in my journal and since the people are dead there is no way to clear them from my Journal. Has this happened to anyone else? Like I said, I already did all the side missions before the main mission, so why would they be there again? I'm wondering if this was a glitch.

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    I completed some missions during the main mission, and one after the main mission.

    Something like this did not happen to me.

    I assume that this is a glitch because the game developers would probably not want you to get double the paragon and experience for one side mission.

    Make sure you save periodically between two or three slots to make sure you can load a game if something goes terribly wrong. Because next time you experience a glitch it may not be in your favor.

    If you want to be fairly certain that no more glitches occur, connect your xbox 360 to the internet (if you have not already done so) and download the game updates.

    Just play the game while online, and before the game starts it will tell you there is an update for the game. Hope you have fun beating the game!! its gooood. :)

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    Power Cells Feros

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