What kind of animal attacked my friend?

my friend was telling me the other day about a time when he was attacked by coyotes and killed 2 of them before the other 3 ran away...except I don't think it was coyotes that attacked him.

- there were 5 of them (coyotes tend to hunt in pairs)

- they circled him before attacking

- they were extremely large

- they were extremely aggressive (coyotes aren't supposed to be extremely aggressive according to descriptions)

- the largest one had a silvery back according to his description

- from his description, they were obviously wild animals of some sort and not dogs.

so the possibilities are: coyotes, wolves, coywolves, or mixed breed dogs that looked like wolves. I'm hesitant to say wolves because we live in kansas and wolves are supposedly extinct here. could they have possibly been red wolves, or some sort of reintroduced wolf population?

PS: if anyone else told me, I don't think I'd believe them, but this guy has never lied to me. he's also a hardcore weightlifter and was in several gang fights when he was younger, so I have no doubt he could have killed 2 of them and survived.

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    10 years ago
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    probably not wolves, but might be coyote/dog mixes. that might explain some of it. if this was recent he should go to the hospital immediately because they might have been rabid, although they wouldn't be in a pack if so.

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    Sounds like werewolves - there's a good documentary called Dog Soldiers, check it out - sounds pretty similar

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    Where was your friend when this animal att acked him....it could be a wolverine or maned wolf.

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