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What is my Korean age?

I was born in December 1996. So I'm fourteen. What is my Korean age then?


I found the answer from someone else's question. So here is it just in case anyone else was wondering also:

well in korean's case, they think they're age system is the correct and standard ones from their point of view, in fact they find the american age system irregular to them...

the korean age system logically counts while the person was once in their mother's womb, and also logically organizes the generation groups... like in korea, just from knowing their korean age, you can tell what year you were born in.... considering the fact that in korea, youre age changes during january 1st, not youre birthday, or the day you were born.... so its irregular from america's point of view.....

this is the mathematical calculation to find out youre korean age....


so you're korean age is 1~2 years older than youre american age, no less or no more.....

making an example....

so if you were born in 1985 then you are currently 25 years o

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    You're 16 in Korean age.

    When Koreans are born they are considered to be 1 year old (I guess 9 months is close enough to 1 year) -- Then, everyone turns a year older together on New Years Day (January 1- Not Korean New Year) ----- So let's say your birthday is December 15. On December 15, 1996 you were born -- 1 years old --- Then on January 1 you turn 2 years old. So you're 2 in Korea but only less than a month old in the U.S and the rest of the world! .... Basically, 2 years older BEFORE your "real" birthday and 1 year older AFTER it. Koreans do not age up at all on their actual birthday. Though yes, they do still celebrate it.

    Korea's age system can be confusing at 1st but once you get the hang out it, it's easy. But it's not fun when you're 22 but considered 24 in Korea, like me ㅋㅋ

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    actually your 16 cuz your birthday hasnt passed yet.

    in your moms womb your considered to be a year old

    and then when a new year comes your considered to be a year older because you are going to turn one year older any how.

    so if your birthday passed your just year older than the real age

    but if your birthday hasnt passed then your 2 years older than the real age

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    Korea does not recognize foreign age conversion to Korean age, thus you are the same age in Korea as you are in the United States, or wherever you are living.


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  • What about the time while you were still inside the womb?

    Koreans like to count this time for your existence as well, implying the age one as you are born, instead of nothing.

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    15, because in Korea once you are conceived you are already 1

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    i think they add a year, because they say you're 1 when you are born, so 15.

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    Don't know why it would change.

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