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Are these qualities good for some top college applications?

I just wanted to list a few things about myself, please tell me if they are good:

Key Club

Leo Club (executive board)

Civics Clubs (executive board)

Spanish Club (executive board)

Student Government Officer

National Honors Society

ISEF (2 years) (International Science and Engineering Fair)

State Science Fair

Winner of district science fairs

Taken dance classes for 4 years: trained in classical ballet, pointe, modern, lyrical, flamenco, tap, hip-hop, breakdancing, contemporary, jazz, ballroom, cultural dances, etc.

Member of a Dance Group

Participated in one school musical


Astronomy Club

After School Elite Choir class

Job shadowing a Physical Therapist

Part time job in highschool

native american

multiple birth child? no idea how to say it but thats what my counselor said to mention

3.8 GPA

Water Polo Team member

Tennis Player

Spontaneous Club Member (yes it is actually a legit club)

Taken AP courses offered at my school

unfortunately have not taken the SAT yet.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Yes, but try to keep the ones that are more important involving the program you are entering.

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  • 9 years ago

    They are all good things, if you know how to put them down. For example, on your application, you want to link things to each other, which are supposedly focusing on the same subject. For example, you could say State Science Fair, Winner of District Science Fairs, and ISEF. This shows that you are consistent, and prove yourself to be determined in the science field.

    Another such thread you might be able to create is the one about the musicals and choirs you have been a part off.

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