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What do you think of this quote?

"God or Devil? When you're surrounded by light, how do you know whether it's the glory of God or the flames of hell?"

So no matter where you stand, what do you think of this quote, how do you feel when you think of it in context of your beliefs?

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    Woahh! That's a really nice quote! It's beautiful, it makes sense! I like it!

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    I like the idea behind the quote and it is beautifully written however I do think that you can tell the difference between the glory of God and the flames of Hell. For would you not agree that murder of an innocent person just to watch them die is obviously evil. When I am surrounded by light it helps me to see the truth and the difference between good and evil. Or course there are some obvious times where this quote is applicable like if it is good or evil to murder someone who kills others.

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    There are several ways to know. The most obvious is to inquire within as to one's mental, emotional, and memory status.

    God's Light is Energy, Truth. What it does is enlighten in the manner of Saint John the Baptist's emotional (water) baptism, and in the manner of Christ Jesus' sacred fire (focused Light is sacred fire).

    The fruits of such baptism ought be awareness of error, repentance, and a desire for reform and restitution.

    God does not condemn, but always offers Good. When the Light and flame are painful or threatening, the awareness of what is being illuminated and how one is to change for the better is Godly.

    For example, if one has been selfish, this would be magnified in the Light. If one notes one's own state at that point, and compares it with the general Childlike qualities of kindness, purity, truthfulness, holy humility, and so on, one changes for the better or the Good.

    "Devil" is "deified evil;" in a person's case, egotism as selfishness would be first erring, then energy-veiling (eviling), then idolatry (deifying evil). If one knows the general Childlike, and also is as wise as serpent re childish greed, lust, fear, pride, etc., and notes one's own state in the Light, then one is able to repent in the fiery baptism of Christ, Truth. The pain or suffering only lasts as long as the idolatry persists.

    Deception would be misuse of Light to condemn, criticize without constructive ways to draw closer to God, divine Love, and the Christ Truth.

    So, in this method of knowing self and Biblical Childlikeness as standard, the illumination of Light is evaluated. Keep in mind (and there is only One Mind, albeit individuated) that Light is timeless, eternal, and there is no second place upon which to stand, when dealing with God as Light.

    Sources: "God at the Speed of Light," Baumann,

    "The Great Divorce," C. S. Lewis.

    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com/

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    SIMPLE! God's light is white. Devil's is reddish. Just trust the force Luke.

    I do like the quote because it means that evil can be disguised as good so beware.

    Good can seem evil so be patient. Some things are a little of each.

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    how do you know?... if yer conscious if sweating its probably the latter,

    everybody and anybody knows right/good from wrong/evil ... unless yer insane

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