how to add a texture in maya? Where is the main menu for creating and applying textures?


Thanks James, Hypershade was what I was looking for. Thanks to all other answers as well!

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    Alright mate, right click the model or object you are texturing. go down to *assign new material*.. an other menu will appear select *lambert*. then in the panel box to your right it has a list of options.. click the checkered box next to *colour*. Another pop up will appear.. select *file* then the panel box on the side will show up again.. click the little file image and attach any image you want from your desktop.. Then press f6 to view your textured object..

    Hope this is what you want :P

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    Texturing In Maya

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  • 9 years ago

    Right click object -> Assign new material.


    Window -> Rendering editor -> Hypershade

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