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Why is it illegal, No Really?

Okay now let me give you some statistics and proven facts to all the people who think weed is unsafe. Lets cover some main reasons. What kills more people in a year than Aids, Car Accidents, Murder, Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Heroine all combined. Yep cigarette's do, they kill on average 435 thousand people a year. Now how much people does weed kill, what do you say, well the known fact is none. Zero deaths have came from weed in the thousands of years we can trace marijuana back too. You would have to smoke 15 thousand joints in 20 minutes to get an over does of THC, to die from weed. Not enough to convince you, okay lets move on to the Gateway Theory. There is no substance in pot that mentally or physically makes one want to try something stronger. Out of 104 marijuana smokers, only one goes on to coke. This happens by the Black Market. When they sell weed they also sell other drugs like coke and heroine, they say " Hey you want to try something stronger?" This is when some people decide to go on, nothing related to weed forcing them.The worst thing weed could force you to do is maybe get the muchies and eat a ******* bag of potatoe chips. Now, is it true if you smoke weed you will be useless to society. Weed does not make you lazy, honesly if your already lazy your going to lose your job one way or another, it has nothing to do with pot. Another question people often say, more teens in America are trying pot and getting addicted. Yes this is some what true, weed is some what addicting. But heres a scale of addiction. Number one being nicotine, two is alcohol, three is coke, four is coffee, and five is weed. Now come one weed is less addicting to caffeine, the substance in coffee. So you could smoke a joint everyday for a year and quit. And you may see some side affects, but nothing life changing. Now can you over abuse weed. Of course you can, you can over abuse anything. You can over abuse a cheese burger, that does't mean we go closing down ******* Burger King. Now if they had the evidence that weed causes lung cancer, dont you think they would have it all over the news, the media. Of course they would, but even so there is no evidence. About every presidential candidate was caught smoking pot at least one point in there life, Snoop Dog, Led Zeplin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles. Everbody has at least tried before. Now that we know all these facts, not myths but facts. Its hard to even put weed in a drug category with all the other unsafe drugs such as coke. Also knowing that Cigarettes are the top leading deaths in the world, and Cigarettes are still legal. This is very interesting to me. It just does not make sense, Tobbaco is grown with damm radioactive fertilizers and its still sold in every store. Some people are just stupid. Does anybody else find this fight between weed being legal or not just down right stupid. Legalize Pot!

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    This video posted below has the question to all your answers. People who think marijuana causes cancer are wrong. They don't have a single report about marijuana use alone causing cancer.

    Reading your question, I think you have watched The Union ;)

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    Marijuana has been scientifically proven to cause multiple types of cancers, and to block brain function. People have been put into comas through marijuana intake. It should not be legalized. To use an old saying, Think of the children.

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    The fact that weed can make you wanna GO to Burger King is good enough to keep pot illegal.

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    someone once said a reason that some go from pot to harder drugs was location,, cause you have to get pot in bad parts of town where harder drugs are sold and that is a possible reason as to why some may go onto harder drugs..

    when it comes to medical reasons I am all for someone smoking, but if it just to get high then no..

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    You have no sources to support your position. Or maybe you do but I'm not reading this long a** boring post to figure it out.

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    9 years ago

    Yet another froob... it's for the weak.

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